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  1. Here is the website I saw: http://www.gametalk.com/talk/psp/grand_the...es/82100531.htm
  2. well i can't remeber the site but i will look for it and give you the link
  3. The versions doesn't matter, the thing to do is go to your 'My Documents' then click on 'GTA SA user files' and then ope your save game with 'Notepad' but one thing you cannot edit anything in there, believe me because I did it once and on the load option on SA it said corrupt file... So don't bother, but you can have a savegame editor from this site i think, but you can get it on JYF just click below to visit the site and have a look around; http;//www.junkyardforums.com
  4. Give me your savegame by using JYF's uploader: http://gtawip.net/savegame/ and I could do it for you.
  5. I have read rumors on other sites that LCS will be coming to PC, but I don't know if this is true, so could you please tell me is it or isn't it. So if you could please tell me I would be greatfull.
  6. Mission(s): N.O.E and Stowaway Details: need N.O.E and Stowaway done Link: http://gtawip.net/savegame/800853
  7. Where can we see the online preview then. And cheers chris for the info.
  8. The posts above are good but they are not usefull. here is what you do to add mods to PS2 gta games WinHiip is used to copy PS2 games (which you own) to your PS2 HDD from your PC It is possibile to mod GTA:3/VC/SA on the PS2, but you are limited to what you can do! So far all that will work on the PS2 is code/main.scm mods and the hassle you go to, to get them to work mean's its pretty pointless to even apply these mods to it. But since this is a tutorial section I'll continue. Tools Needed: WinHIIP V1.7.3 winiso Hardware Needed: PS2 Network Adaptor 60GIG + HDD Software Needed: HDAdvance The first thing you need to do is create a folder on your PC's HDD called GTA (insert version). Now insert your PS2 GTA into your PC's DVD drive and copy all to you newly created folder. Now go the the folder that the original main.scm is located and replace it with your modified or downloaded main.scm file. Now create an image of the HDD GTA Now attach your PS2 HDD to your IDE Chain as a slave and run WinHIIP and select Add Image and this will install your game to your HDD, Now put your HDD back into your PS2 and load up HDAvance/HDloader and select GTA???? I have tested afew main.scm mods but only afew of them will work!
  9. Right I now your problem because I had it three days ago. You need to install Dmagic wheel which you can have from most gta fan sites but i recommend trying junkyardforums to download it because I am one of the staff there and we try the mods to see if they work and that has worked and here is a link to it - http://www.junkyardforums.com/boards/downl...o=cat&id=38 but if the problem still occurs to junk yard forums or here but try and search in furture.
  10. MarkD1990


    Is there a tool here to unpack VCM files becasue I want the dff. and txd. files. And I have checked gtagaming.com but the link is broken so is there on here or has anyone got one.
  11. Which software do people use the most to do mods on gta games?
  12. Well I thought people say that GTA 4 will not be coming on the PC, but I think it will, and hopefully GTA LCS will be coming onto PC. and it will be impossible to edit the police lights and sirens. and furture games will be impossible to mod.
  13. Is there a way to triple the amount of cops that chase tommy in vice city?
  14. i meant in the original SA. Coz if its possible for SA:MP it must be possible for the original SA. and what functions can i use for sa:mp like the controls.
  15. Right. i have been playing alot with SA:MP and was wondering how can i jump into a car while other peds drivelike in sa:MP i press 'G' and then i enter and the other player drives. so i was wondering is there a code i can enter into a game file and let that happen? Thank you in advance.
  16. in my expirinence i used bitmap (BMP) and every one uses it.
  17. Is there a way to make the speed of all cars faster? and to make the nitros more powerful coz if i activate the nitro they seem to go the same speed but the scenes seems to go blury. so is there a way to make both of them>?
  18. Yeah but i think rockstars should release the PC version first coz the pc was out first then PS2 games and then Xbox. I really hope they release it for PC!!
  19. aww. soz i thought u meant there was already a mod for it for sa out there. so could u make the mod for me please?
  20. thats a uploading link to rapidshare.
  21. ok thanks could you please make that mod for me and then i could release it and put your name in it. PS. i am trying to install the fire bit but can't find where the fire graphics are kept.
  22. Could someone please make a mod that make the fire in sa is more realistic (i have seen one for vc but can't find it) and better explotion effect like the atomic explotion mod for vc.
  23. Where can i download that mod of the train in the pic. coz it looks good. but does it crash the game?
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