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  1. Well I discovered the images on the GTA IV profile on bebo, and I have no idea where he got his source from!! EDIT I have found the source: Team XBOX
  2. I have uncovered some more GTA IV Pictures for you to look at
  3. It does on the left hand side of the page!! under the box art!! Release: 3 Mar 2008
  4. Hey all is this right or are they just quesing the Release date for GTA IV on Yahoo!! http://videogames.yahoo.com/ps3/grand-theft-auto-iv/ Sorry if it doesn't make sense im tired here lol
  5. I would just take my time through GTA IV, because I completed VCS within 4 days and LCS within 3 Days it took all the fun away.
  6. I will defo drive around the city first then do the missions, like I did in all of GTA games. Its best to know all the places in Liberty city first!!
  7. What time is 3PM EST in England and Wales?? Just hope I will be back from college and work before it starts!!
  8. I came across this Ebay scam. I hate it when people do that, they are bloody idiots!!! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  9. I only came across this gameplay footage of GTA Iv, and I know its a fake, but I though i might aswell post it!! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3chh1_45-seconds-of-gta-iv
  10. We've actually knew this for ages now, since March to be presice when it came out first!!!
  11. sorry the bossman about my fanboiness, but I just looked on the GameStation website, and I looked at the prices of GTA IV and they are the same as everyother game retailer, and they say that the release date is Wednesday 30th April 2008, and you can look for your self by clicking here
  12. Well if it is March I can get it myself since I will be turning 18 But ive heard that the delay is caused because problems with the PS3, if it is, maybe rockstar and take 2 will be kind enough to release the 360 version then the PS3 at a later date, but I don't think they will
  13. Microsoft could barely contain its glee at being able to confirm exclusive downloadable content for next year's Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV - but PS3 fans need not fear, as it seems the Sony release is also firmly in line to receive its very own dazzling additions. According to a source close to Rockstar North, the team is working on exclusive supplemental content for both systems, which will be made available for download via Microsoft and Sony's respective online services after the game's release next year. In case you missed it, Microsoft revealed at X06 that Xbox 360 owners will get "exclusive access to two downloadable, epic episodes of GTA IV via Xbox Live, each with hours of entirely new gameplay and available only on Xbox 360 just months after the release of the title". We're told to expect much the same deal on PS3, except unique to the platform. Interestingly, the downloadable content, our source maintains, will take the form of brand new areas which will link into the main GTAIV game world. "Think of the world as a large island - the new downloadable areas will be like smaller islands linking into it," the source explained. (Which is a structural analogy, rather than a suggestion that the game is set on an island, we hasten to add.) How many additional areas or episodes Rockstar is planning is anyone's guess at this juncture, but it seems the game is at least being structured to accommodate a number of expansive new content releases in the weeks and months after release, while also satisfying platform holder - and console owner - demand for exclusive material. Though with 'exclusive' being a somewhat elastic term these days, especially where Grand Theft Auto is concerned, we wouldn't be remotely surprised if you end up playing 'exclusive' 360 episodes on your PS3, and vice versa. One thing's for sure - there's nothing more certain to piss off the fanboys than a level playing field. No formal response from Rockstar at the time of writing. But, as ever, don't expect official word until they're good and ready. Grand Theft Auto IV is scheduled to release on Xbox 360 and PS3 in the US on 16th October 2007, with Europe getting hold of it just three days later.
  14. I don't play the GTA Classics anymore the last time I played them was 6 yrs ago, plus I didn't like having the 'birds-eye' view on it.
  15. Even tho I am a PC gamer and I have all GTA Games on PC and the Stories verisons on PSP, I got a huge feeling that it will not come to PC, due to the fact if I remeber properly that Rockstar did say when they were releasing SA to PC they did say that it was going to be the 'Last' GTA Game for the PC. But I won't be buying GTA IV for the xbox but I will be buying a PS3 soon and in october I will be buying GTA IV for the PS3 coz it will have excellent graphics. Thank God for the Blu-Ray System
  16. A fresh set of Grand Theft Auto: IV rumours have been spilled across the internet suggesting that the recently revealed lead character dies early on in the game and you assume the role of his Russian cousin. Via way of various forums and discussions comes what many are claiming to be new GTA: IV details. Rockstar obviously won't comment either way on what rumours are doing the rounds this week, but if these turn out to be true, it looks like the NYC-based publisher tried to lead us up the garden path with what it revealed in the debut trailer (which you can see here, just in case you missed it). Spoiler Warning: Just in case the following turns out to be true and you don't want to know anything about the story, look away now. Apparently the lead character Nikko Bellic (the bloke from the trailer) is murdered early on in the game during a dodgy drug deal that goes horribly wrong. Nikko is said to have fled Estonia to escape some dodgy Mafioso types and the rumours suggest that the story centres on a turf war between Italian and Russian families. Once this news reaches Bellic's mother land his cousin, Roman Petronov, takes the news very badly and sets sail for the US of A. Petronov is said to be disturbed by the news of the murder and wants his revenge. But he doesn't just wade in there with sideways-pointing pistols and a bad attitude. He decides to do a bit of a Tony Montana, and work his way up the gangsta food chain first, before confronting those responsible for his cousin's untimely end. Word is that playing as Roman Petronov you have to choose which gang to join to rise to the top of. You could be mugged, begged or jumped on to join the warring factions of Liberty City. That rumour alone suggests that the game could turn out to be pretty open and non-linear, if you get to choose between three gangs. Presumably you'll have the chances to jump from gang to gang if things weren't going your way - with a bit of bloodshed thrown in along the way, of course. Details that six motorcycles vehicles and three helicopters would make the final cut, though there will be no planes, were also hinted at. Don't expect Rockstar to comment on the above at all. We'll just have to wait and see. From Mark at GTAYard
  17. Could someone here please convert the bus from San Andreas to Vice City or could someone please give me instructions Thank you >>>>>>
  18. Go to Options - Audio Options - Usertrack Options - Scan User Tracks And thats all to it.
  19. Well properly you need to have swiming lessons first then you can swim like in SA
  20. Right. I have killed all the groups of the Ballas, but now I got 3 groups of Vagos to kill now, so can anyone tell me which areas are left for me to do... please.....
  21. aw sorry, http://www.junkyardforums.com/boards/attac...mp;d=1161419953
  22. Can someone here please convert a bus my mate created for me, and its a 3ds file type, and I want it converted to dff. for San Andreas and I have also included its file below. Thanks.
  23. well the thing is i have sent a email to him twice and i haven't had a reply from him. so could you please talk to him and tell me what you think of junkyardforums.com
  24. Yeah sorry I have done it now, and Chris we have sent you a message to partner with JunkYard Forums, but I haven't had any reply from you. we would like to be partners. Thank You
  25. I am from JunkYard forums and I got a video from VCS about a Drug Menace. and here is the url of it: http://www.junkyardforums.com/boards/showt...=187&page=5 but you must scroll down to the video.
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