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  1. Sixxx

    Cant mod 2.0?

    There's a de-patcher in the MTA forums...go get it.
  2. Sixxx

    Big Community Thread

    Life eh? hehe, I didnt think such a thread would really exist, alright: so I wake up, 2:02 pm day (my regular) I havent brushed my hair nor my teeth and I'm a total wreck, listening to Dream Theater, and school starts in...2 weeks, I sold my guitar and bought a cheaper one to focus on my singing more, yup...pretty interesting.
  3. Sixxx

    Cherokee High

    I would like it as a regular high school...I know Bully but that game is lame.
  4. Sixxx

    Woud you like a GTA movie?

    OH dude! that movie's funny as hell, I have it on DVD.
  5. Sixxx

    [VC] Community Stunt Vid

    Sorry guys i'm dropping out, I have to do something else, and i'm gonna be doing something else and I'll be busy.
  6. Sixxx

    Your GTA4 location ideas

    Oh yeah....definetely a bit bigger than that map posted...should be, about 6 times larger or so...with different climate stages and enviroments, (snowy mountains, deserts, grassy plains) real world cities will limit the posibilities of adding everything a player wants, since you cant really add fake stuff to a city that already exists, so I would say GTA4 should have it's own, custom designed non-existant city...IMO it would be better overall.
  7. Sixxx

    WHo should You Be

    How about a new 'Spanish Guy'.......
  8. I honestly liked the movie...soem people call it a Ricer's movie....*BUZZER* ERRRRRR!!! WRONG!
  9. I loved the SA PCJ, would be nice if it had a body map in the textures....oh well.
  10. Sixxx

    reset cheat count

    Because, when you do that mission, if you cheat too much (600 times or more), Madd Dogg falls before you get to him, you can find it in any FAQ, so just use SA control Center to reset it back to 0.
  11. Sixxx

    [VC] Community Stunt Vid

    alright then great, sounds good, off to stunt.
  12. Sixxx

    V-Rock Music & DJ

    *BUMP* I hope the game is released in the early or late 80's this is my dream playlist: Early 80's (1980-1984) -Metallica - Motorbreath (1983) -Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls (1984) -Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train (1980) -Ozzy Osbourne - The Diary Of A Madman (1981 I think) -Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil (1983) -Motley Crue - Live Wire (1983) -Judas Priest - Breaking The Law (1980) Late 80's IMO (1987 - 1991) -Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood (1989) -Guns N' Roses - Mr. Brownstone (1987) -Metallica - One (1987) -Slayer - Behind The Cooked Cross (1988) -Slayer - South Of Heaven (1988) -Ozzy Osbourne - S.I.N (1991 -Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears (1991) -Megadeth - Holy Wars (1990) -Slayer - Skeletons Of Society (1990) 1993 and later: Pantera - This Love (1992) Megadeth - Reckoning Day (1994) Dream Theater - Pull Me Under (1992) Korn - Blind (1994) Korn - Faget (1994) Black Label Society - Anything From The Mafia Album (2005) That sort of bands...will update later.
  13. Sixxx

    [VC] Community Stunt Vid

    Alright cool man i'm in, also what song do you have in mind to use for the video?
  14. x2...mother####ing son of a bitch...hope you die and burn in hell for your racism...Go Join the KKK.
  15. Sixxx

    GTA4 graphics and physics?

    I also think that if you fall off a high building, you should splatter into the ground and the blood would splatter everywhere and your bones would be showing and shit like that...they'd have to put on the ESRB rating 'Extreme Gore'