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  1. Mr. I

    GTA 4s New Story Line.

    I hope its not a Mafia type, that is getting old
  2. Sounds of Crime-Mr. Criminal A friend from LA let me hear it, there isnt much rap in Australia.
  3. Mr. I

    The go-kart

    Well near your safe house the one on top of the curvy road, there are some stairs, there should be one there. And next to Zeros place, there is a little lot, there sometiimes it spawns and there is a desert eagle there too. cheers mate
  4. Mr. I

    PC / PS2

    what about xbox, would it come out for xbox. man that is what i hate about rockstar, they never make it for xbox, SA came like a year after the ps2 version came out, and the ps2 also got LCS and not xbox. if both xbox and ps2 got VC, GTAIII, and SA, then they should both get LCS, VCS, and whatever else comes out
  5. Mr. I

    xbox or ps2

    ok ill stop talking about this, but i just have to say ps2 is crap.
  6. Mr. I

    LCS for Xbox?

    how can you hate xbox?
  7. Mr. I

    Sniper Rifles

    im not so sure about that, i like the laser sniper because you can play with the laser, you can point it at people, that is usually fun
  8. Mr. I

    xbox or ps2

    xbox, bettter graphics and you can play your music that you have copied to your xbox while driving in VC and GTAIII
  9. Mr. I

    Anyone still play vicecity?

    I still play it. I got 100% complete before, but i used cheats, so im doin it all over without cheats
  10. I hate lance vance, when he betrayed me i was so mad. im glad i shot him in the head
  11. I like Mr. Vercetti, cuz im rich, so i should dress rich. And it makes me look classy. IM RICH BITCH!
  12. Mr. I

    LCS for Xbox?

    Does anybody know if LCS will come out for xbox. if it came out for ps2 it should also come out for xbox, does anybody got any info?
  13. San Andreas has way more features but some dont like the theme of it. I love SA, i think it is a great game but i dont think its the best one in the world
  14. Mr. I


    well im working on that, but my computer is real slow. if you do it, ill send you all the money i have right now, its not a lot but something is something
  15. Mr. I


    Well, now that you said that, can i get one more sig? well its not really for me its for a real good mate of mine. Can you make the background like black and misty, and in the middle can you put 3 swords crossing each other. And on the right corner put unit187 in old english. and can you put this somewhere that would look good thanks man, i really appreciate it