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  1. No, it's not. This really should have been posted in Movies & TV.
  2. Thank you, Rockstar, for making a dream come true.
  3. Did you exploit Gruppe Sechs on the stock market? I reached a point in-game that I think was around the 30% mark where their stock would continually rise and fall each time I slept to pass game time and I was netting ridiculously massive profits. I could easily have accumulated fortunes in the trillions for each character had I wanted, but ultimately I decided ~$500 billion each was way more than I'd ever use.
  4. Xbox 360? What kind of prehistoric dinosaur talk is this?
  5. So the new radio station is exclusive to PC and not being patched into consoles?
  6. I've never been a member of GTAForums, so I can't comment with any authority on how they do things. And my point was that such was irrelevant to the topic because it was regarding a fan-made Hot Coffee mod for GTA IV, of which I'd imagine multiple exist.
  7. The show runner has his hands in everything, he/she is essentially equivalent to the director of a feature film. Directors of TV series are actually a lot lower on the food chain (unless they hold other, higher production roles like Greg Nicotero does on TWD), because otherwise every one would be an absolute mess with individual directors of episodes going in different, often contradictory, directions. Imagine a scenario in TWD where, say, Maggie is the sweetest and most virtuous girl in the world in one episode, then in the next she's suddenly the meanest skank in the world who sleeps with every male character on the show every chance she gets. I'm not taking anything away from Frank Durabont's "chops", just relating the most common story I've heard concerning his departure and the reasons for it. Kirkman has actually stated that when the comic ends, he's going to end it on a high note. So there's really no conflict there between it and the TV series.
  8. Well, I'm sorry you're taking it personally, but that doesn't change the fact that it wasn't intended that way. Hence why I don't respond to many of the topics you've recently made and why I don't respond to most of the stunt compiliation videos and such that get posted here. I'm honestly not trying to be rude, but I feel many of your posts drag on into subjects unrelated to the topic they're posted in and that sometimes you're a bit overly defensive. Remember the help topic about a user having trouble installing a Hot Coffee mod for GTA IV and how you went off about there being no such thing in spite of obvious proof otherwise?
  9. Dr. Jenner. What he told Rick was revealed in the last episode of S3, that everyone is already infected with whatever is causing it. And actually, if one turns their TV up loud enough, it can be heard that he tells Rick something like, "It's already inside of us." I highly doubt Kirkman is going to let someone go in a completely contradictionary direction, though. As far as Frank Durabont's departure, the true reason has never been clarified, IIRC. Durabont claims he was fired while AMC claims he quit and both parties are sticking to their guns.
  10. I would post, but Black is the most active poster right now and (and I mean this with absolutely no offense whatsoever) he generally doesn't have anything that interesting to say. *shrug*
  11. No, that was insight on how it works, not what it is. And even then, it's still scant enough to keep the mystery floating. Scott Gimple can go suck a dildo, Robert Kirkman is the final authority and he stated in a Letter Hacks that he has no intention of going into exacting details.
  12. Starz' Black Sails just had its season finale this past Saturday and I can't wait for S3. Blackbeard's in the house, bitches! My immediate thoughts on Fear the Walking Dead are that LA is a great setting, for the simple fact that the show's main focus is day-to-day survival while LA would become an extremely difficult place to live once public utilities (water, electricity, etc.) go out. I just hope it doesn't spoil the whole franchise by revealing the cause of the epidemic or going into the wider state of the world.
  13. There's been talk of more assassination missions for well over a year now, but it would seem those aren't coming. For now, though, I would just be happy if they'd fix the SP bugs caused by the Heists Update, such as owned aircraft disappearing from hangars and helipads.
  14. There really isn't anything I didn't like about it. I do think it's a fallacy to dislike it for lacking improvements and features introduced in later games, though. Said additions came to be as a direct result of feedback from gamers playing GTA 3 in the first place. What do you expect them to do, rerelease a new version of it every time a subsequent game improves on its mechanics in some way?
  15. They stated in an Asked & Answered about a week ago that they couldn't put FPS view into last gen without compromising the game in other ways. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/news/article/52366/asked-answered-gtav-first-person-experience-online
  16. There are a number of clues in the game that lead to the locations of his victims. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu8eF-qrMlw
  17. Have you been hiding outside my bedroom window?
  18. No, they haven't added first person view to last gen, at least not PS3. I just checked.
  19. You consider North Korea a threat on the level of ISIS and Russia? LOL. Please, show me a single instance in the last 50 years of any of NK's temper tantrums resulting in any significant escalation.
  20. Walking Dead >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Game of Thrones. Don't get me wrong, I love fantasy and sword and sorcery (I'm a huge fan of Robert E. Howard's Conan), but I've watched GoT on a number of occasions and never found it all that interesting or engaging.
  21. The movie will eventually get released. Once the world forgets about Dim Kim II's empty little hissy fit in a few months and moves on to more important matters, it'll get a quiet DVD and streaming release. BS, they're his puppets and anyone in the world with half a brain knows it. No, it's just the typical grandstanding we always get from NK. Dim Kim I made similar "threats" when Team America came out, yet nothing ever happened.
  22. Trucks and helicopters with mounted heavy machine guns? What looks like an armored Buffalo? An aircraft carrier?!
  23. I really didn't expect Beth to die how and when she did. At first I didn't even realize what had happened, all I knew was that Beth stabbed Dawn, there was a gunshot, and I didn't know what that red spot on the back of her head was. It didn't sink in until I saw her collapse and how the rest of the group reacted. My GF and I both expected her to die protecting someone and that her eventual death would resemble Lori's in the comic.
  24. All I know is we were told there would be an announcement regarding Story Mode DLC continuing Michael's, Franklin's, and Trevor's story by the end of 2014, but yet 2014 is almost over now and we haven't heard a peep. New weapons and vehicles are great, but it would be nice if we got something a little deeper. There was also talk early on when the game first released on PS3/360 of expanding the game world, but anything like that has yet to materialize either.
  25. Considering footage of people being pulled out of their cars and beaten during the 92 riots, I don't blame the driver. I'd go GTA on their asses myself if I felt I was in danger.
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