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    Favourite mission

    My favorite missions are Phnom Penh '86 , Rub Out , The Job , Spilling the Beans and Keep your friends close
  2. gtaforlife

    Hardest Mission

    The hardest missions , in my opinion , are : 1 . Demoliton Man ( i can't complete it !) 2 . Death Row ( that took me one month !!!) 3 . The Driver 4 . Dildo Dodo 5 . Publicity Tour 6 . Supply&Demand
  3. " Self Control " on the Flash FM radio station and " Video killed the radio store "
  4. Tommy Vercetti is very intelligent and powerful , he knows what to do when it's case .
  5. gtaforlife

    Lance Vance in opening cinematic?

    I have seen in GTA VICE CITY that Lance always has the eyes closed ! I'm was looking at his face with a Sniper Rifle if I remember good .
  6. gtaforlife

    snow in vice city

    The only game with snow was Gta San Andreas when CJ goes to Liberty City in the mission ,, Saint Marks Bistro " . But why in Liberty City was snow and in San Andreas wasn't ? There isn't a winter atmosphere .
  7. gtaforlife

    what mission is this?

    There probably was a mission that was later cut , like the mission ,, Love Hurts " given by Darkel . In that mission , Claude was supposed to destroy with a plane The Love Media Building .
  8. gtaforlife

    Favorite Character?

    I like Asuka and Maria . I don't like Salvatore and Kenji .
  9. gtaforlife

    What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    I think GTA 3 is the hardest game of the GTA 3 Era . There are some missions , like "Bomb Da Base " or "Espresso-2-go ! " , very hardly . There are the gangs , too . In the beggining of the game the Leones from Portland Island are more peaceful and they don't attack you . After some missions , The Triads will attack you when you are going to their turf in Chinatown . After mission " Sayonara Salvatore" , The Leones are going to be very aggresive on you . The biggest threat is the Colombian Cartel Gang . When you are going on their turfs they will attack you . I don't like the feeling of the game because it is very strange , overcast and cloudy . I don't like the main character , Claude , because he don't talks and he is very strange . However , he knows to speak ??? Another thing is that the north side of Shoreside Vale hasn't got an end . What is good about that if there is an invisible barrier ? They could do it island . And there aren't very speedy and beautiful vehicles .
  10. gtaforlife

    Your favorite town

    I like very much Ocean Beach and I don't like Little Haiti and Little Havana because there are very little and poorly buildings .