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    7 stars and up

    11 stars: CJ's dead grandma's ghost gives you poisonous cookies. 12 stars: Police officers dress up like teletubbies and try to ''talk'' you into the prison. Even Superman could take this for 5 mins. please continue.
  2. QuickDeath

    The Random Post Topic

    WARNING hazardous song above ^^^^ Same below ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
  3. QuickDeath

    More GTA IV/Vice City Related Images From Leipzig

    Sweet I want that bag, and what is that little black box? Like safe deposit box or something ? Looks nice too, with the R* key and all
  4. QuickDeath

    The Random Post Topic

    Sweet Jesus! I have that melody stuck in to my head now
  5. QuickDeath

    GTA San Andreas:Weird Things

    It was a plane.
  6. QuickDeath

    The Random Post Topic

    Ill do it if you are serious about the money Do you want only one screenshot of each page? Cause the whole page doesnt fit in one screeny. edit: Oh and you want the screens in one post?
  7. QuickDeath

    [REQ] GTA VC Signature

    ooooooooooops , ill change it as soon as i get home.
  8. QuickDeath

    [REQ] GTA VC Signature

    Well since you'rea friend 2K will be ok
  9. QuickDeath

    My new PC *Update*

    By saying ''top'' i mean its popular.
  10. QuickDeath

    Big Boats and Planes

    No you cant, no theres not.
  11. QuickDeath

    My new PC *Update*

    What I meant was that i dont really know how good are these new AMDs compared to intel core 2 duo CPUs.
  12. QuickDeath

    My new PC *Update*

    Thats some powerful stuff right there, not sure about the CPU but stats looks good. Looks like 8800GTS is the top GPU right now. Chris , me and now you have one Update with 3D mark results.
  13. QuickDeath

    GTA 4 2nd trailer sig

    You should announce the competition ending date.
  14. QuickDeath

    [REQ] GTA VC Signature

    1.5 K..not much meng, not much, but ill give it a try Edit: Hows this?
  15. QuickDeath

    What are you watching right now?

    ^^^ lol at that episode I just finished watching ''Friday night lights'', its a sports drama (american football) and i give it 8.5/10, there were some good actors too like that dude from ''Tokyo Drift'' and Mark Wahlberg in ashort appearance.
  16. QuickDeath

    Life Ambitions

    Im telling you guys, the worst thing that can happen is you ending up working in a job you dont like or even hate. Like me right now, the job im currently working itnt physically hard, its the opposite, but its so goddamn boring. I basically have to do nothing and im getting paid, but i hate those early mornings when i have to get up to go to work. But thank god when september comes im out of there and back in my uni. So in my life I want to get a well paid job that I like. I want to get a good wife, pretty and smart (thats gonna be hard ) and I want to raise my kids good. Thats it.
  17. QuickDeath

    The Random Post Topic

    I could too press refresh 100 times after my post
  18. QuickDeath

    The Random Post Topic

    50 posts in a row???
  19. QuickDeath

    Tigers And Pigs

    Lol cute piggy outfits I wonder when the tiger realizes that they are no baby tigers and try to eat those piglets .
  20. QuickDeath

    Boat Problem

    Im betting on a buggy game, cause boat is pretty much a car with different texture, so the file must be damaged. But to make things more clear - could you post some screens of those funny colors?
  21. QuickDeath

    The Random Post Topic

    Bad man he was. *grabs his light sword*
  22. QuickDeath

    Brilliant modding idea

    Yeah the idea isnt bad and ive never heard about such mod, theres only this mod (more like a trainer) which lets you to manipulate the level of the water. Too bad im not a modder And i think its not so easy to turn the water into flat concrete cause its wavy.
  23. QuickDeath

    Yo momma's sooooo fat...

    Your mamma's soo fat that when she raises from a chair she blacks out the sun. God i feel sorry for GOF if that ekhemm ''woman'' in his sig is his mom.
  24. QuickDeath


    Its funny that you ,GOF, say this to me - to one of the few TGTAP members , who wasnt kicking your ass the last time you were at warzone. Now you tell me if my eyeballs are under you.
  25. QuickDeath


    OMG i cant even read this thread with that ugly hoe in GOF's sig staring at me. who care about manu