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  1. i have windows xp and i wanted to know if i can change the screen resolution olny for my account and not for the whole pc
  2. l3 toggles the freight missions
  3. im 13, they told me that i couldnt have san andreas till i moved out of the house
  4. my parents recently told me the reason why they dont want me to have it and they said that they dont want me to play it for a long periods of time bc they want me to be "social" with other people and not play games too much
  5. when i finished doing the mission "stowaway" i noticed that a few of the buttons wernt workin so i reset my ps2 and it worked again and i didnt know why so i was wondering if anyone else knew, it might be because i use cheat codes alot but idk
  6. white and nerdy - weird al yankovic (parody of ridin' - chamillionaire)
  7. umm im on the west island (idk the name) and i go into the air port and every plane and helicpoter is locked
  8. when ever i try to get into an air plane its always locked and i wanted to know if there is any way to unlock them
  9. i stole a train and i was trying to figure out how u could change the veiw when driving (ps2 version)
  10. my friend said that there is a yeti running around san andreas somewhere and if u take a picture of it u can unlock all this cool stuff but idk if its true
  11. can you rob the stores in sa and how do you do it if you can?
  12. i tryed to charge my ipod and it didnt work and if u want to send one of ur files u could just send the whole memory card
  13. it would be cool if the game had some kind of natural disasters like earthquakes or tornados or hurricanes
  14. do u think that R* reads all this so they can have ideas for the game?
  15. an item in the gta store says "remove name effects" ... what is that?
  16. in gta games there arent really any places where peds gather (like stadiums or concerts or ect) so it would be kinda cool if they had something like that in gta 4 because you could like bomb those places or what ever
  17. try to find some family guy look alikes and post them on here
  18. nigger101

    XBox 180?!?!

    ive heard a few rumors of xbox comming out with a hand held called the xbox 180, if any one has any pics or info of it post them here
  19. -real cars -submarines -spedometer -taller buildings -more wildlife that u can kill -able to mount guns to car -less glitches than previous gtas -jet skis
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