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  1. yea its gonna be sweet
  2. wassup blacks, am i the only one puffing the magic dragon right now? dude it dosent let u say n i g g a s it just says blacks
  3. yo mamma so fat, her favorite color is long john silvers
  4. whats the point of this anyways
  5. its a thermose, for drinks or whatever
  6. its prolly the car mods, try to figure out what one is doing it and delete it
  7. thats the stupidest idea for a game ive ever heard
  8. Heres a few songs i wish were on guitar hero Hotel California- Eagles Back In Black- ACDC You Shook Me All Night Long- ACDC God of Thunder- Kiss Rock and Roll all Night, and Party Every Day- Kiss In The Gadda-Da-Vidda- Iron Butterfly Halo Theme We are the Champions- Queen
  9. Mark Miguire (the former baseball player for i think the cubs) is my cousin
  10. one bad thing about the pc version is that u have to have a really high powered pc to let the game work properly
  11. whats the advantages of the pc version against the ps2 one. you get a nice controller for the ps2 but you gotta use the crappy keybord for the pc
  12. u should just gat a wii, there alot cheaper
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