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  1. what about a car that GOOOEEEEEEEEEEEsssssssssssss........... you should be able to hire gang members/peds/special type of service to follow you around with your modified/specific car, and they can fix it up or meet you in a certain location to hand you the car if you died or stuck or something, (i dont know crazy idea i made up)
  2. deserts make me thirsty i dont like thirsty playing GTA with a huge desert might make me thirsty
  3. 28. fake hair 29. necklace 30. to pick both nostrils at the same time(only applies with FAAAAAAAAAAAT noses)
  4. i havent played GTASA enough to start creating some gripes but i do prefer mafia over street gangs, but a GTA is a GTA and it's always fun i'm gonna get GTASA on computer, complete the game first and then edit it with mods if anyone is making them
  5. i dont want too much desert, maybe a few mountains to do stunts wen peoples are bored i like your city ideas but do they have to be there just to try and kill you...
  6. DONT FORGET THE TURNED NINTENDO PLAYERS (me ) screw Gamecube and "Revolution" i'm gonna join the PS3 bandwagon
  7. is crime meant to be happy and cheerful BRING BACK THE YAKUZA
  8. Just so you know, GTA IV will NOT be a launch title. I don't know who keeps spreading this, but it IS NOT true. A BLU-RAY((not blue...)) and HD-DVD combo like thing. w00t w00t. The first Blu-Ray play and HD DVD player on the market! The GTA3 trilogy didn't give us much we could use, except weapons. And those were in the other GTA games, too. I'd like to pick up a bar or a table or something and smash someone in the head with it. Bar fights, ha! lol bar fights what i meant was to wait for GTA 4 to come out on PS3 then buy the combo/pack thing they usually have with a popular game
  9. i downloaded it and it was corrupt, i'll wait for a bit more downloads to lodge a complaint but i'm just saying it didnt work for me, it might be my computer, i dont know. All the other videos i've downloaded worked... it won't extract, it says it has no file
  10. i dont care which gets released when, it's PS3 for me. I can't work LEGALLY but i can do favours for people, but i'm definitely saving up. if you saying $370 USD is the price that means umm $700 AUD (holy shit) but the PS2 came out at the price of $750 so ah well i'll get $700 so i can get it a bit cheaper and the new GTA4 anyways isnt this topic about how far the GTA 4 can go well i think it should be a completely NEW city/state/country/s. More storyline missions and custom player things
  11. their computer screen
  12. freakin hell flying the damn dodo is hard cant keep it up or even get it up but i fell down a cliff but onto land and i flew for 2 seconds
  13. i just saw a commercial on the TV and it said that the soundtrack is available, now i gotta find it, if i cant find it in stores, oh well, im not allowed to buy stuff over the internet :'(
  14. when i was playing GTA:SA at my frend's house, i was annoyed at the map that it wont zoom in that much
  15. i have no idea, i havent seen it on the TV or heard it on the RADIO or found i t on the INTERNET or read it in the CATALOGUES
  16. i like GTA 3 better because it seems to me that GTA 3 is a little bit harder then VC and the same reason as tommy vercetti guy - the sky scrapers and the darkness and it looks like there is a lot of crime but VC looks like a happy place
  17. what about those stupid TRIADS they were so annoying how they would always shoot at ya in ther territory but oh well i voted the YaKuZa cos
  18. Does anyone know if the GTA San Andreas Soundtrack, the 8 disc box set and/or the 2 CD + DVD soundtrack has been or is going to be released in Australia because i haven't got a PS2 so i can't play GTA:SA yet until it comes out on PC and i want to watch the introduction to San Andreas and about CJ if anyone could found out about a release in Australia, please reply
  19. Does anyone know if GTASA will be released on PC. I don't own a PS2 and I really want to play GTASA. So could you guys please found out from Rockstar Games if they are going to do that. Thanks, jugs
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