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Status Updates posted by Mike356

  1. I fucking amaze myself

  2. got tgtap up to rank 5 for xbox

  3. Damn Chris why the crew rank so low

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    2. Nate10


      I play GTA V online still. Haven't in a cpl weeks but besides that...

    3. Nate10


      I never noticed cheaters. Lol

    4. BlackListedB


      Cheating as in giving tons of money to people in MP sessions? I left over 2 months back when that became pervasive. Rockstar clamped down with some fixes, so I've been told. That's just one example that was rather glaring

  4. A year later this has been updated

  5. have you seen the specs for mp3 on pc yet

  6. in 5 months I will have been apart of tgtap for 6 years

  7. hell yeah with the patriots

  8. Happy birthday

  9. This dude is roarsome

  10. Happy birthday mate

  11. whats the ip adress for your samp server

  12. what to do when you reach post 10,000

  13. ever fix your msn


  14. best user name ever

  15. Cause Chris Moved his topic from announcements to general GTA

  16. elisha cuthbert

  17. happy B Day

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