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  1. I am here today saying that rockstar games always makes cool characters in there games but they always make the same ones over and over.

    for example:Niko bellic is russian ok.the other characters in the other games are white or italian but why not a mexican. I am mexican so dont say im racist beacuse im not. Im just saying that none of there games have a playable latin character. In there new espansion they should change up the characters.

    Did you forget about CJ and Vic?

  2. My main beef with Bush is the No Child Left Behind Act. Students and teachers hate it to no end. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't schools whose standardized test scores don't improve have their funding withheld? Way to make the problem worse.

  3. I cannot believe that I even placed for biggest geek and best breasts. However if there ever was a best ass award ... :hurrhurr:

    You'd have my vote. That is one nice ass.

    Oh, and how did Chris not win least likely to get laid?

    And why the fuck did I walk away with nothing? This is BS.

    I'm suspecting he rigged the poll.

    Did we still have best debator or something like that, I'd think you could of got that one, but it's hard to pick between you and L-RiC.

    Point out the topic where my argument didn't break down into (true) insults.

  4. BrokeNCYDE. Oh lord, how the fuck did these talentless losers get signed? They mixed crunk with emo (or whatever the hell passes as emo nowadays). That's enough reason for them to be executed by anyone who has the misfortune of attending one of their concerts. Oh yeah, and they're gonna tour with Hollywood Undead.

    Even though I already mentioned them, blink-182. Why did they get back together? It certainly wasn't to make anything listenable because that will never happen. You'd think annoying pop punk would be redundant, but it perfectly describes blink's songs. For the record, I do like pop punk bands like Paramore and Sum 41. And Simple Plan was ALWAYS better than blink-182. I don't even like Simple Plan and I can't believe I once did.

  5. FUCK ME SIDEWAYS. I just got suspended again. No idea how the hell this happened, as there has not been any profanity in my bio/motto/whatever since the LAST time I got suspended. The only people I've played with lately is two friends, Urban being one of them and the other a good friend IRL. So what the fuck did you suspend for, Microsoft? Now I gotta wait until the 20th....fuck you, Xbox Live and your nigh-impossible-to-follow-unless-you're-a-fucking-saint Code of Conduct.

  6. It really humors me to see people hate on musicians. Just don't fucking listen to them, Jesus Christ.

    I'm not even a Blink fan, they're not even in my library.

    Not to smart off to you, but is the topic called "Proclaim Your Admiration for a Pop Punk Band"? No, it's just to discuss blink-182's reunion and your thoughts about it. And almost half the people who posted in this topic happened to be very thankful they broke up in the first place.

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