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  1. Yep. I've lived in TN for the past 4 1/2 years.

  2. Linkin Park rules, bi-otch! :P

  3. Accept the fact you're a fucking failure. And I MIGHT back off.

  4. Honestly, you're just some bitch who has no idea what he's doing. Do you wake up to be a douchbag here because you don't have the balls to do the same IRL?

  5. Dealer, please kill yourself, as you have no business on this site.

  6. Goddammit, today's a good fucking day, huh? So, how the shit are you? Good?

  7. Pissing on fire hydrants and sniffing my crotch. That's what's up.

  8. Probably a day. It all depends on the member and if Noru is online.

  9. Yep, and I'm a rather proud member! I may not wear the sigs and avatars, but....

  10. Good, man. Still pissed about my MP3 player, but I'll deal.

  11. Aw, now I can't beat you with my sex toy anymore... :(

    Congrats on becoming a mod, man!

  12. Let's just say I'm not laughing with him.

  13. Because I like to pork donkeys, not poke them!

  14. do u like to pork donkeys, too?

  15. *cough* 2 tvs in the same room *cough*

    Oh, and race car at my school.

  16. Yes I can. Two tvs in my room make it possible. Oh, and to answer your question, learning how to make people's heads explode.

  17. You got that right, Jade.

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