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  1. Bring back the Warzone. That'll keep me coming back indefinitely.

    What? I have to ask for that every chance I get! Nostalgia purposes, you see. Now seriously, how about interesting videos? Expand from the stunting vids we have already and try new ideas, like machinima or general bullshitting in-game with the mics on. The best writers of the community could help come up with scripts.

    EDIT: And I'm supposed to be the only one with an Edward Elric avatar, dammit! :lol:

  2. Touche. But what would you say of the guys who started the fight in the first place? The guys who thought a table was worth killing over? Don't you think that if they started thinking for once in their lives, they would've realized how pointless it was to fight over shit that's not even yours?

    See, I don't have faith in humanity because in groups, humans are really goddamn stupid. Throw in adolescence (or extended adolescence for the dipshits in their twenties or thirties who don't find it fit to grow up and find a legitimate job), and you have stuff like this happening. Yeah, I'm probably oversimplifying how gangs work, but still. One usually joins a gang when they're a kid and they think it's cool to fight over territory that doesn't belong to them for toys, worn-out pussy, or a five-minute high.

  3. And this why I don't have any faith in the future of humanity.

    It's animal instinct, that when someone threatens or challenges you, that you fight the person. If you have no faight in the future of humanity, what about most of the animals on earth?

    There's being a slave to your instincts and then there's using your fucking brain. These idiots chose to adhere to the former and paid the price. Yes, I am calling the dead student an idiot, but he was far from the only one.

  4. Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and Kanye West are the best around.

    Kanye West is a little bitch. He's also entirely too egotistical. Snoop, however, is fucking awesome. And for once, a decent actor, too.

    I don't follow all the hip-hop scene, so I don't even usually bother with those people. However, I absolutely love the rap-rock hybrids. I think The Flobots put together a genius blend of the two. I also like Mike Shinoda, in both Linkin Park and Fort Minor.

    I will say one thing about Ludicris, he's fucking catchy. I love his verse in Holiday Inn.

    OH yeah, I'm also a Peabody, for the record.

    ANNNND I forgot to mention, this is in the wrong section. Moved.

    Agree wholeheartedly on Mike Shinoda, but I didn't choose him because I don't think he's the best in terms of lyrics and style. He does make for an awesome producer, at least when he isn't sampling the riffs from a hard rock song like on Fort Minor's "We Major" mixtape.

  5. Seeing as I'm practically the only member whose appearance is a complete mystery due to never venturing into this topic (or owning a camera), I think it's about time for that to end. I'm still not getting a camera, though.

    One of my friends took this during breakfast sometime this week. I'm taking it without permission :lol:


  6. Apparently, the student body president actually got a guitar club started at school and signed me up. I thought he was asking me to be the manager for his shitty band and that's what I thought I would be doing. I should start paying attention to what friends ask of me. Oh well, it'll be a fun way to waste Tuesday afternoons.

  7. It did and so did many other franchises. I just find it easier to stay pessimistic about these types of things. And I'm not getting HeartGold until I have 30 max-level pokemon on my Platinum save. I'm only to about 9 or 10.

  8. Considering how Kurt seemed so anti-celebrity, I doubt he would have approved of this. Though, seeing him sing "Bring the Noise" would be funny as hell.

  9. I doubt it'll ever be released over Xbox Live on the basis that we didn't get the first game (though that could change). Regardless, I need more DS games.

  10. Ahem...:P

    Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda, both of Linkin Park. I've always loved the contrast between the two's voices and styles. It's a shame Mike keeps getting pushed to the back. Judging from their work, he's the better lyricist. Case and point: Mike wrote "Breaking the Habit", Chester wrote "Crawling". 'Nuff said. :lol:


    Disturbed's own David Draiman. Aside from the kick-ass shrieks this guy can pelt out, he can also sing pretty damn melodically.


    Angela Gossow. There's a reason Arch Enemy is my favorite melodic death metal band and it has nothing to do with how hot their lead singer is...okay, that may have something to do with it. But GODDAMN, her growls...


    Lupe Fiasco. Bar none, the best rapper to come out of Chicago. Ever.


    Notable mentions:


    Klayton Scott (Celldweller/Argyle Park/Circle of Dust)

    Wu-Tang Clan (Mainly GFK, Meth, and RZA)


    Jonathan Davis (Korn)

    Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour)

    Amy Lee (Evanescence)

    Kyo (Dir en grey)

    Styles of Beyond

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