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  1. Call me a cold-hearted bastard, but I honestly fail to comprehend how anybody could see any tragedy in this. If my last post wasn't much of an indicator, let me explicitly state that the dead girl was an idiot. Tragedy is someone being executed by death squads. Stupidity is someone so involved in their conversation, they're willing to risk their life so they can continue it. I want to see what this girl was typing before she died so I can laugh at her face and ask her if it was worth being banished to the corner of Hell reserved for the inbred yokels and middle-school dropouts on par with her intelligence level. Of course, I will be laughing from the corner of Hell reserved for insensitive dicks like myself.

  2. Yeah, but then again, who the fuck cares about the ghetto? What makes you so cool for living in the ghetto?

    It's not about it being cool, it's about the fact it's difficult living there. It's something that people who live in the ghetto can usually get more than people who haven't. It's nothing cool, it's the complete opposite which is why they rap about it. If you listen to most of the lyrics they always say how fucked up it is growing up there. You would care about the Ghetto if you lived there.

    I live in a trailer surrounded by hicks armed with shotguns and drunk on the cheapest beer welfare checks could buy. I don't give a shit about where I'm from, I just wanna get out. Fuck acknowledging this hellhole, I wonder why some rappers seem so deadset on dwelling on their childhood hellhole when its done nothing for them. And besides, it's not even a ghetto! It's called a slum! There's a difference between the two. Ghettos are neighborhoods where a certain group of people are forced to live because the government is run by racist dicks. Slums are neighborhoods defined by the low income of its residents. If they lived in ghettos, they wouldn't be allowed to leave.

    Besides, growing up around violence and living in poverty does nothing for you if you don't have any talent.

  3. Now that you guys mention it, that's all mainstream radio plays nowadays: nothing but songs about love/sex, opulence, and teenage angst. Every genre has its own creative crutch and you won't get any airplay unless you abuse that crutch. That's why glam and nu metal died and with any luck, so will emo and this new brand of glam rap. And yes, wanting teenage angst to die sounds weird coming from a person whose favorite band is Linkin Park.

  4. Could've been worse. It could've been cut off and thrown into the street, where a dog would've gotten it. At least the man died with his dignity inta...er, still attached. Horrifically scorched along with the rest of him, but it's still there...probably.

  5. Why the hell do you keep bringing this up? How many times do I need to rewrite this? Seriously. Read my POST.

    I did. Numerous times. Doesn't justify a thing. How many times do I need to write this?

    I know its new, but WE ARE IN A GTA FORUM, people here want to play the newest GTA game, they wouldn't want to wait, they would like to play it the first day its out. But because something stops them, they can't. Idk what the hell Husky is talking about, now he's bringing up the Law about not giving games to minors.

    Some people might not care that much about Grand Theft Auto anymore, especially some of the members who have been here awhile. And besides, Husky might already have GTA IV, at least for the PS3. I don't know because according to him, his mother didn't specify which game he already had for that system, but not for the 360.

    Yeah I'm an immature baby now, because I add "L-RiC is fake" in my Custom tittle. And I couldn't defend myself? I couldn't defend myself..? You began talking about your fucking boring life, and how you hated Sports. I don't want to read that crap. Just look at your replies, they start going somewhere else.

    Yes, you're an immature baby for adding "L-RiC is FAKE" in your custom title. You're also one because you're dragging out this argument to ludicrous lengths. I told you this in my final PM. Oh, and great job omitting the fact that you mentioned the Lakers before I went on about my life. Me saying I turn seventeen in five days is simply me expressing relief that I don't have to wait as long as Husky...and that you have no business calling me a child nor do you any business in this topic, considering you haven't been contributing anything to it since your first post. At least I tried to go back on-topic by suggesting Husky get a friend to get the game for him.

    Now I said my friends where drunk? LOL! Where the hell did I even mention they where drunk? Why do I need to tell you they where real? LOL? WHY would I make them up, that's fucking sad. Read, read and read why I mention the Lakers the first time moron, just fucking read.

    Blame me for assuming people drink while watching sporting events. Because most people of or around age do drink while watching sporting events. Why would you make them up? Because right now, the only two people you can get along with in this topic is the last guy I got in an argument with (and notice how I'm able to carry a decent conversation with him after the fact) and another Lakers fan. Neither of which comprise much of backup, no offense to Bateman or steveplayer rappo. And you mentioned the Lakers as an excuse why you needed to log off. Am I off-base much? This isn't about our lives. It only became so because you kept using the Lakers game to stall while you thought of a better argument, which the chance to do that was denied. I believe that's called a "delay of game", sports fan. What this is about you finally realizing you were in the wrong. I believe even Bateman can understand that. Yes, it wasn't a harsh comment, but it was unneeded and contradictory, considering what you followed up with.

    You wish you where me, and nice abortion joke.

    If you had a cock, you wouldn't have blocked me and you would've continued my conservation. Why would you block me, if your getting laughs?

    If you had a cock, you'd take it out of the deflated basketball you're using as a substitute vagina. I blocked you because you had nothing to say. Simple as that.

    Also, notice how I can undermine everything you say without resorting to dick and ass jokes? Well, for the most part anyway. That last bit was just begging for it! Why did I bring that up? So you see the vast difference in our maturity levels and grow up. The only reason this fight has gone on as long as it did is because you don't know when to stop, so I'll do it for you. Let's agree to disagree and move on. It's getting old.

    Can I request a lock on this topic? It's beyond saving considering the only things that are happening is this altercation between me and this guy and everyone telling Husky he needs to mature. The only possible reason anyone would need to post in here anymore would be an update report from Husky telling us how he finally got the games. I believe every (legal) venue of doing so has been suggested already.

  6. All I did was ramble about the Lakers? I said I needed to go because I need to WATCH MY GAME. I didn't want to leave un-expected, but then you decided to turn my comment like I was trying to make myself look great by letting you know I watch Sports, that's just stupid, I just gave you my honest opinion, and ALL I said was true during those PM's. Thanks for blocking me, and claiming yourself better, that's hilarious.

    And I already told you why your comment was stupid, I don't need to repeat myself twice.

    I'm sure Husky is somewhat in a rush to get the game.

    Yes, dumbass. ALL you could talk about was the fucking Lakers because you couldn't offer anything substantial to justify calling anything I said stupid. You just gave a half-assed reason why, which was, as you said, because NOBODY wants to wait a few months for a game. Which is bullshit, by the way. The game's aren't even new, so you'd look all the more retarded for that nerdgasm. Calling me fake in the title under your avatar and dragging this pissing contest out another day further (and in public, I might add) makes you look all the more like an immature baby who couldn't deal with the fact he got blocked for his inability to competently defend himself or his opinions. I and at least six other people have the evidence to back that up. Oh shit, did I just admit to forwarding your retarded PMs to that many people for a quick ego boost, Mr. Shown-This-to-His-Drunk-"Friends"? For the same reason and before I did? If they even existed, they probably WERE laughing...but not with you.

    Oh, and I AM better than you. There's evidence for THAT, too. Thanks for derailing the fucking topic, you failed abortion.

  7. That opinion was an offhand comment that was better kept to himself. I would've done the same thing even if he called someone else's idea stupid. When that whole fight continued on PM, all he did was ramble on about the Lakers and how I need to get a life. He couldn't defend his opinion at all. And again, what is so stupid with waiting a few months for games? The games aren't gonna get any less fun and like I said before, nobody can interfere with you buying them. And as others have said, it may give Husky some time to mature.

  8. I think it'd be a fun idea to gauge where we all fall on the sliding scale of idealism versus cynicism, so I'll start. I've noticed people do whatever it takes to achieve success in life. Everyone in power, whether it be business, politics, or even school, has either lied, cheated, or stolen (or all of the above) to get to where they are and it makes me cringe at all of humanity for allowing it. All of the honest people have had to work their ass off to get any respect and all they get in return is shit from the assholes above them. Seeing this year after year has made me realize most people are dicks undeserving of anything pleasant in life and thus, I treat them so. I do associate myself with some idealists, but it's just not for me.

  9. She's here...

    If you guys are reading this, I stared into my mirror and followed the rest of the instructions the TC gave. That...that demon is in my house. I walked upon the mangled bodies of my family. The phone line's been cut and for some reason, this computer is the only thing that's working right now. This is my window into the outside world. All I can see for miles is pitch-black darkness. All I can hear is faint moaning backed by what sounds like a dog snarling. I need help. I don't wanna end up lik

  10. Yeah, try finding one that hasn't been bought by Gamestop yet. That's what happened around here. Even though I dismissed it earlier, try online stores. However, your parents would probably notice that; that's why I didn't recommend it in the first place. Can't you convince an older friend to stop by the store for you? I did the inverse a few months ago by sending my younger brother to pick up a "kiddie" game, but even though I did that out of embarrassment rather than finding a loophole in the store's policy, it worked.

    EDIT: I live in East Tennessee. North Carolina is only an hour or two away.

  11. You keep surprising me. I'll ended here since I don't want to go anymore off-topic, we can continue with PM.

    I don't need to read all that crap. So, I'll reply to some bits. I only said I wanted to go watch my game, because I really needed too (HARDCORE Laker Fan, Halftime right now), and I did not wan't to leave unexpected and make you believe that I was a little bitch or you where so awesome making anyone shut up. I don't really care where you live, I'm talking about my location, and what is offered here. I simply gave a tip to Husky, to check out some small retails stores, and see if he can find the game, that is all.

    As for you describing yourself? I don't know what your trying to prove here, but it isn't working. Do I suppose to be scared?

    And cool, you have a few smart friends (Like if I care), thanks for telling me that BS. And continue your stupid lifestyle toward people, because one day your going to get it coming son.

    Can't believe it turned out this way, because of an opinion I had, which is true. Maybe I should have just replied with a simple NO. So you won't take comments up the ASS.

    Oh my goodness, I've finally figured it out. You suffer from a severe case of mental retardation! If only I figured it out sooner, I would've saved the effort and kept my last post concise. My, how can I say this so even a comatose monkey can understand this? Your opinion is not true on the basis that it is an opinion, not a fact. It is a fact that I've won the Medal of Honor award for my infamous and oft-celebrated fights in the Warzone. It is an opinion that you are a comatose monkey who can't muster the brainpower to read anything beyond a simple sentence or respond coherently. Then again, some opinions can be based on facts, such as your aforementioned inability to read or construct a decent paragraph. Other opinions can be based the lies people tell themselves to cover up for their insecurities, such as your inability to understand geography. Because if you did have a passing knowledge of America's geography, you would realize I can reach Husky's house in only a few hours and infer that due to our close proximity, we may live similar lifestyles and be subjected to the same arbitrary rules society places on us.

  12. First off, let me apologize. I'm sincerely sorry that I thought I was dealing with a competent member of The GTA Place. That the member I was talking to was capable of more complex thought processes than a half-assed cold reading and last-ditch effort to prove he wasn't a nerd by claiming he's off to watch sports, as if that proved anything. Forgive me for being under the apparently misguided notion that anyone intelligent enough to register to a video game fansite would also be clever enough to at least argue proficiently.

    That took kinda long.

    I'll just skip your entire first paragraph, because you clearly do not get me.

    Resorting to the "You don't get me" argument used by practically every teenager uses whenever someone disagrees with them? In case you didn't know, I and presumably Husky live in a very conservative part of the country where the people in charge try their damnedest to make sure things stay as close to the fifties as possible. Bluenosing, racism, that sort of thing. These people are the reason why no major retailer will sell us M-rated games without an adult present. We obviously don't agree with their asinine ideals, but we can't do anything about except waiting until they die and we take over.

    Wow nine days? Your a man now all of a sudden? I've been seeing Rated are Movies since I was born, buying any game whenever I wanted too. I have been to many shops that sell games to anyone, I could count many ( I don't go to Pawn Shops) And just by reading your post, your person who others dislike, you think your greater than others which is sad. Grow the fuck up. And I don't block dickheads, I keep it coming.

    No, I became a man when my balls dropped at the tender age of around seven, at least metaphorically. One of my older brother's friends thought it was a funny idea to walk over to a small and meek child, take his toy car and chuck it into a bush. He didn't realize that toy car belonged to a kid who had enough of that and decided to speak his mind. Loudly. No punches were thrown and I didn't get my car back, but it was pretty funny watching a teenager back off of someone half his size and age. Now, I will give your half-assed cold reading some merit, most people don't like me. I PROUDLY admit that. Because unlike you, I don't put in the effort to earn the appreciation of brain-dead jackasses glued to their phones. I'm the kind of person who invests his energy in the quality of his friends, not the quantity. My real-life friends are comprised only of scholars of the highest caliber; those who actually strive for something great in life: this nation's future doctors, lawyers and coked-up musicians! I don't think I'm greater than other people, I KNOW I am.

    btw I'm conceited now and You can beat me up? LMAO!..... The internet these days.

    Get off the internet and calm down, because your angry.

    I'm gonna watch some sports now, LAKERS!

    Husky discuss it, that's all I say.

    Yes, you are conceited. (Do you even know what that means or are you just mimicking me?) And yes, I could kick your ass. For the record, I am a sixty-two inch tall, pale-skinned, emaciated teenager whose only experience in fights consists of punching people in the face, getting punched in the face, and cheating at Dead or Alive. But this isn't real life; I don't need to prove I can kick your ass with my tiny fists. This is the internet and I'm doing just that with only my wit.

    EDIT: Husky, that'll just make things worse! Pokemon would probably get an M-rating due to your mom! Wait, are you Kyle?

  13. Alright little child, you try to act hard on the internet by flaming me let it be, enjoy your fun, I really want to see how you act in real life.

    This is a GTA Forum, most people here play Games. I am a casual gamer, others are the same or even hardcore, we aren't waiting so long unless we have some financial problems. Point me to the direction in this topic where he had discussed with his parents about he buying game.

    Where do you go buy your games at Gamestop, Walmart, Target? Obviously you haven't been out a lot, because by now you would have known that THERE IS STORES OUT THERE IN THE U.S that do sell games to minors, people in this world do not care, its about money what matters.

    Btw, I was laughing while I posted, not angry at all. Your hilarious man, just like what you wrote in your profile.

    Keep on flaming if you want.

    Again, take your head out of your ass and shut up. I'll direct you to the point in the topic where he talked to his mom about buying the game. Like the first fucking post. Yeah, he's not sitting down on the sofa with his parents and the counselor his entire family needs to see (if his posts are anything to go by), but he tried to get the game and she stopped him. It wouldn't be too hard to assume there was some kind of talk about why he couldn't get the game, but...oh wait. There was! Yeah, practically the only stores I go to are Walmart and Gamestop. Because those are the only stores in my town that sell new video games. Pawn stores probably don't care, but I doubt they have the games Husky wants.

    Funny how you call me a little child when in nine days, I can go to any store I want and buy any game or movie I please. What, you have a year on me? Trust me, what you see is what you get. I'm not acting. This is me and how I interact with the majority of humans, who are generally barely-functioning walking bags of meat and arrogance and that includes you. In real life, your ass would be lying on the ground because you got knocked out by a hundred pound, pissed-off stick of a man.

    You know what? Do what Bateman did and block me like the little conceited bitch you are.

  14. What's wrong with waiting until you're seventeen?

    That is just stupid.

    Okay asshat, what the fuck is so stupid with what I said? If Husky waits until next January, then his parents and the stores can't say boo.

    Wow asshat? Ok... lol.

    Who the hell wants to wait 8 months to play a good game? I sure wouldn't, and I bet others wouldn't either. That's where my comment came from. Parent's? Let Husky discuss it with them.

    Someone whose life isn't centered around games, perhaps. How long has Assassin's Creed been out? A year and seven months? Six more ain't gonna kill him. As for your second point, have you been reading this fucking topic? He's TRIED that. His mom won't let him and his dad...probably doesn't give a shit. Besides, stores in this country WON'T sell M-rated games to anyone under 17 without parental consent. There's always the online option to buy games, but damned if I'm gonna pay for shipping on top of sales tax. So take your head out of your ass and be quiet until you actually know what the hell you're talking about.

  15. What's wrong with waiting until you're seventeen? The games will still be there in a few months. And as draftermatt said, you haven't proven your maturity to either of your parents. Or to any of us, for that matter. Husky, aren't you the guy who posted a topic a few months ago complaining about "unfair" punishment you received from the school board for dicking around during a test? Think of it as a punishment.

  16. (Still trying to figure out what this has to do w/ a plane crash.)

    Does anything trolls do make sense?

    I'm Filipino.....

    Oh God! Does Dad know? :wtf:

    I think he still believes I'm his kid, what with our short stature...in allegedly more than one area. :hurrhurr:

  17. I kind of disagree on what you are saying. Mexicans (Illegal Immigrants/Slimeballs) take all of the unwanted jobs (Hotel Maid , Ditch Digger , McDonalds , Landscaping , Cleaning our shit etc.). I don't think L-RIC would agree more too because he's Latino. But this topic seems a bit racist, but really who cares if Cholo's are taking there guns and blowing each other. What Obama should worry about is those Russian Drug Dealers on the East Coast.

    I'm Filipino, dipshit! Still, since this country was founded on immigration, I have no problem with the flood of new immigrants. I don't care because I don't plan on making a career out of manual labor. It doesn't affect me or my future. Since he so proudly pointed out the fact that Obama nominated a Hispanic person for some un-fucking-specified position, I'm going to go ahead and assume that didisaythat is a racist troll. Most A lot of the opponents of illegal immigration are might be worried about not being able to afford their McMansions and new Kias while other people in the world are lucky to have a shack and a bicycle. Yeah, it's that "starving kids in Africa" argument we all hate to hear, but it's true. Hey, you like your station in life? You like being employed? Then stop bitching about things that have been in motion for the past 150 fucking years and learn to adapt. So what, you can't go on vacation this year. Sure as hell beats the embarrassment of the unemployment line.

    EDIT: Changed a few terms as to not generalize.

  18. My opinion on this boycott...why the fuck are people bitching about a sequel they haven't played yet? God, this would be like people trying to boycott Vice City for the same reasons.

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