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  1. It's official, Luiz is the king of Liberty City.
  2. Of course I'm talking about the original PSP versions. One analog nub does not do the game justice. They shouldn't even have bothered with those poor imitations. I know the original versions had to be downscaled to work on the PSP. I've also played the PS2 port of LCS, there is no excuse for it to look that goddamn ugly; GTA III looked way better. Now, is every sonavabitch gonna jump on me because I thought the PSP games were a waste of time and money?
  3. Heh, the texture of the streets reminds me a hell of a lot of GTA 2. Oh, and the Stories games suck. The less that are heard of them, the better. I don't care if they looked like Vice City/San Andreas, they had shitty controls and even shittier graphics.
  4. Hmm, I like it so far. If I were to get a PS3, I'd definitely go for the slim.
  5. I'd say about average. I don't go to a big school.
  6. In other health-related news, I collapsed during PE today while trying to run a mile, aka 20 laps around the gym. I started walking after the fourth lap and finally passed out during the 17th. I was wheezing and cursing at everyone in sight because I literally couldn't fucking do it! Crappy heart + emaciated physique + no breakfast = falling flat on my face and having to be dragged to the nearest water fountain.
  7. Started school on Monday and scared the hell outta my physics teacher today after lunch by hiding in a cabinet and waiting until she was done with her lesson before jumping out screaming, "Forget this if you're not even gonna notice I'm gone!" The thing is, we tried this same prank yesterday with a different classmate and she figured out instantly that something was amiss when he wasn't in his seat and starting searching for him immediately. It helps that student is fairly loud and I'm not. I did feel a little insulted my absence wasn't acknowledged in the least.
  8. Because you have absolutely no say in what your skin color or ethnicity is. You DO have a choice in the type of clothes you wear, whether or not to adopt the speaking patterns of those around you, and how you act toward others. And rednecks typically piss me off.
  9. Dude...I LIVE in the south! I've never lived anywhere else.
  10. 1. and 4: LOL! Hypocryte. 17. You shouldn't hate then then. 20. IT'S PERSONAL MOTHERFUCKING PREFERENCE 29. What wrong with them? 34, 35 and 40. AMEN! Do I seriously need to defend my hatred against a fellow LCF member? Fine, there are such things as non-white rednecks. I just don't know any personally, but I do know they exist. Blame me for finding Southern accents annoying, xenophobia infuriating, and coveting the naughty parts of your cousin and/or tractor a little bit more than unsettling. As for the Twilight twats, I'm talking about the insane fangirls who'll fuck you up for not worshiping the series as the second coming of sexy, nekkid Christ. As for movie theaters, I don't like the idea of paying eight bucks for a movie with shitty definition, fifteen bucks for popcorn, and ninety minutes of my life dealing with the other fuckers at the movies. Happy?
  11. I'm willing to bet it's gonna premiere closer to next Friday instead of today, but I'm hoping I'm wrong.
  12. Here's mine. And they ALL fit! EDIT: Well, just the first three and the fifth. Here are some of my favorites: Damn straight. Describes me perfectly. We get it, I'm a dick. Just ask your current girlfriend. Bullshit. I am NOT Chuck Norris's equal. He is the slave I use to take over the world using shitty roundhouse kicks and even shittier memes. You WILL be in a coma.
  13. By any chance, you wouldn't be happening to be talking about this game? Heh, it looks interesting. I might try it.
  14. This is nothing, I've heard of a village marrying off a boy to a dog to keep him from being mauled by tigers...because of his weird teeth.
  15. you know what they say - GTA fansite webmasters think alike!! I was going to suggest "great minds", but I don't think that applies to Chris.
  16. It's not my favorite, but I like The Giver. 1984 for fourth-graders, it was great.
  17. 1. Racists. 2. Homophobes. 3. Organized religion. 4. Rednecks. 5. Wiggers. 6. YouTube. 7. Prepubescents on Xbox Live. 8. The asshole who invented spyware. 9. The asshole who invented spam. 10. Glam "metal". 11. Ringtone rap. 12. Anyone who uses Auto-Tune who isn't T-Pain, Lil Wayne, or Kanye West. 13. Simple Plan. 14. For that matter, any other whiny pop-punk band masquerading as "emo" nowadays. 15. Douchebags. 16. Assholes. 17. Anyone who insists I'm fit the above two items. (Even though you're right.) 18. Music elitists. 19. The asshole at Nintendo who loves to screw Western Pokemon fans out of events. 20. Twilight twats. 21. People who think assholes are just misunderstood souls who need the love of a member of the opposite sex. 22. Pedophilia. 23. Anorexics/Bulimics. 24. Fatasses who let themselves be reduced to 700-pound hermits. 25. The card game B.S. 26. Hypocrites. 27. Russian torrent sites that for some reason, are the only place you can get a certain Japanese band's discography. 28. People who get in the way of free stuff. 29. Movie theaters. 30. Ratings boards in the entertainment business. 31. The phrase, "Ever since we took God out of the schools..." 32. Braggarts. 33. Idiots. 34. Sports, with the exception of combat sports. 35. The asshole at the other end of customer service. 36. Illiterates. 37. Most people younger than I am. 38. And a lot around the same age. 39. And a few more older fuckwits. 40. Politicians. 41. The frightening abundance of cum in hentai. 42. The internet's lack of quality control. 43. "Flying-brick"-style superheros. 44. Space marines. 45. The asshole at FOX that apparently hates anything Nathan Fillion is in. (Firefly, Drive) 46. Y'know what, FOX in general. 47. The shameful Spike TV wannabe G4 has turned into over the years. 48. Spike TV. 49. The lack of any anime-centric network in America that I know of. 50. Viacom.
  18. ^ No pics = no proof = LIE. I'm only going to believe that place exists if someone takes a Polaroid of it. Only one thing is certain, and it's that we're all gonna rot in the ground or be incinerated. If your beliefs allow you to ignore common sense and human decency and let someone die so they can move onto what you believe is a better place (instead of six feet under surrounded by wood, worms, and dirt AS PROVEN), fuck them and fuck you for following them, you sheep.
  19. With as much shit as we've gotten with this/these guy(s), I doubt that's gonna happen.
  20. Pure unadulterated awesomeness, even if I'm not a DC fan.
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