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    Worst Game Ever!

    I know you all have one, my choice would have to be 25 to life, multiplayer was alright, but due to all the cheaters I couldnt enjoy it. singleplayer was to short, or maybe I just played through it fast. Im sure its alot of games much worser but 25 to life was on the top of my head.
  2. MatthewCorleone

    Your Favorite GTA?

    1.San Andreas 2.GTA4 3.VC
  3. MatthewCorleone

    Hardest Mission

    I only had a problem with Air Raid.
  4. MatthewCorleone

    All GTA chars dead by GTA IV

    I heard they killed off Tommy Vercetti because the dude that played him jokingly said ''If I'd known VC was gonna be so huge I should've demanded more money''
  5. MatthewCorleone

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    A daily Newspaper that tells you whats going on in cities and stuff, like if you have a mission where you have to kill someone.... a crime boss, itll be in the newspaper with a headline
  6. MatthewCorleone

    Whats you favourite town in SA

    I liked LV
  7. MatthewCorleone

    HD TV?

    who knows A good HD TV I can get for the best of my Xbox 360? can be any price range.
  8. MatthewCorleone

    What do you Choose?

    I say the double H
  9. MatthewCorleone

    Tommy Vercetti?

    take this shit to warzone........... before I go off
  10. MatthewCorleone

    DRIV3R Fans?

    I Beat it in early 2005 and I dont remember nothing about it, but the misson I had trouble with and a little bit of the ending
  11. MatthewCorleone

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    you should see random peds mowing their lawns, people trimming their hedges, and a daily newspaper that a paper boy throws on your driveway. You should be able to read the paper and see Big crime bosses faces that you have previously Murdered in a mission. Maybe you can run for president and Corupt Congress with Drugs and other stuff etc.......... When you own businesses, like a car lot you should see people coming in daily looking for parts and stuff for their ride
  12. MatthewCorleone

    DRIV3R Fans?

    the game was alright, I still beat it though
  13. MatthewCorleone

    Most Boring Part of San Andreas

    The most boring place is the countryside, I currently live in LV, but I go back to los Santos to pick up a couple of Homies in a bus and I go on a road trip taking pictures and stuff
  14. MatthewCorleone

    Super Bowl

    Im going for the Bears all the way!
  15. MatthewCorleone

    fake gta games

    everyone is waiting........
  16. MatthewCorleone

    PS3 OR 360

    im getting it for both, but not at the same time..............
  17. MatthewCorleone

    Firmware 2.81 Required

    wtf! 1 minute!
  18. MatthewCorleone


    I say june 18!
  19. MatthewCorleone

    Who would win in a fight tommy or CJ

    I say CJ will kick his ass
  20. MatthewCorleone

    Bad Idea...

    I didnt even know it was out on GBA, until like I joined this forum
  21. MatthewCorleone

    Gta Sa Theme Tune With Cj Rapping

    probably the first, It was cool!
  22. MatthewCorleone

    Have you reserved vcs? or will you try your luck

    Reserved it,but my cousin has my PSP...........
  23. MatthewCorleone


    it seems alright
  24. MatthewCorleone

    Does Lance Vance look a bit like a geek

    he was a geek back in the day, now he seems cool!
  25. MatthewCorleone

    Gangsta vs Mafia

    I'll say Gangsta, I liked that whole territory thing they had in SA, but your homies could use tweaking to aim better