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  1. I have a 4Ghz.My gtasa runs smooth as hell
  2. all i had to do for respect snd sexappeal,was change the numbers around in SHOPPING.So I dont even have to buy clothes to increase either stats
  3. The weird thing is, is that I have always kept CJ with his regular default clothes.I never botherd to change them. wierd , isnt it
  4. For me, its all of the interesting gliches the game has.Like the invisibility glich.
  5. sorry about that, I was having a little trouble. nothing intentional
  6. I dont know if anyone has found this yet, but there is a picture of president reagan holding a gun,in back of the ammu-nation in downtown
  7. So if I download the patch, Is that all iam going to need,just the patch and nothing else
  8. I have heard of alot of people not being able to run it, even though they took every neccesary step to install it correctly
  9. Then for sure will I be able to install custom cars?
  10. Sorry to interupt, but isnt this a site for GTA forums. wich means to talk about GTA!!!
  11. I think they came out with LibertCityStories and Vice City Stories just for a diversion until the next GTA was released.By the way, I thought LCS was a complete failure, basiccaly everything sucked about it.I hope that wont be the case in VCS.
  12. I would really like to know anyones succesful customized car instalations on the second version. or any kind of succesful mod installations.( CAMERA HACK,SAMI MOD INSTALLER)
  13. I too have recently purchased the second version, and i canot seem to install any kind of customized vehicles.nar could i use the CAMERA HACK. the only thing that worked for me was the MAP EDITOR. Somebody please reply.
  14. does the dowgrader have any nasty bugs?If this sounds like a dumb question,sorry,iam new to this whole modding thing.only have 1weeks experience
  15. do you know of anyone who has succefully installed a custom car on the second version?
  16. I JUST WANTED TO KNOW IF ALL OF THIS IS EVEN POSSIBLE ON THE SECOND VERSION OF SANANDREAS.It seems like i cant mod anything relating to vehicles.
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