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  1. Ok, lets clear some things up.... First of all, has anyone here ever read every single version of the Bible?, no, so how would you know that there isnt a "book of god?", look on the internet and you will eventually find the reference. Ok, lets assume that there isnt a "book of god", when someone refers to something with these ('') on a word, it doesnt necesarily mean that they are quoting from something in particular. It could mean a number of things, for me Im refering to Gods all knowing knowledge, his ability to see past, present and future. I just dont get how so many religious people dont even bother to comprehend certain aspects of the Bible, they just justify with some answer that they probably dont even understand..is that faith? Give me your love or forever burn in hell, not just a few years or even centuries but for eternity. You hear me, ETERNITY! Yeah, I would really like to worship this "loving" God.
  2. Gerard, you took those words right out of my mouth!...besides the quote But in regards to Draftermatts question, yes, I have read the Bible..and completely. This is the way I see the Christian Bible, I see a book that has no real significance, only to the person who chooses to comprehend it...just like everything else on this earth. I have actually known a few people in my life that dont read the Bible for any religious or spiritual reasons, but rather for a guideline instead. For the most part, they agree that the Bible has an enormous amount of inconsistencies, but that doesnt stop them from extracting very useful information from it. Knowledge is knowledge, I wont disagree with that.
  3. Well you see, that doesnt really make sense. If your future is already written out in "Gods book", that means that "free will" is just an illusion, and that no matter what you do, you are condemned. So no matter what you do, you would have already had a reservation for hell when you were born, and there is no changing it...thats what it written in "Gods book". I just dont get how God says that all of of humanity has "free will". These paradoxes are mainly the reasons why I left religion alone.
  4. From what I have read so far, Its very apparent that peoples beliefs vary greatly, thats no suprise. Even since the beggining of recorded history it has been like that. I myself am not religious whatsoever, I am more spiritual. I remember when I was growing up I was somewhat religious, that is until eventually I was able to form my own thoughts and opinions. I believe that if one chooses to grasp a certain belief and live by it, thats just fine, I mean , if what they are doing makes them live happily, why not continue doing it ? Some may say " but those people are living in ignorance ", think about it, what makes your belief any more significant than anyone elses? I have a question for the religions that revolve around the concept of satan and hell. They say that God is extremely kind and merciful, whos love extends to the very ends of the universe, and that he is all knowing. So if God can see your beggining and end like a script, why would he even place those people that are going to hell on earth anyways?, he is practicaly placing people on earth so that they can go to hell. What kind of loving God is that?
  5. I barely, just barely got what you said, but yeah, that one is funny. Extra note: try using these (,,,,,,,,,) a whole lot more.
  6. I personaly love Gran turismo, and any other racing racing games that I play, they dont seem to offer what I am looking for in a racing game. Sure, Fortza motor sports has physical crash damage and many others have there own unique features, but I really just dont care for those things. There is something special that Gran tursmo has, and I really dont know what it is. All I know is that I love the feeling when there is such a difficult task, and it requires such precision and skill, that you cant even be a hundreth of a second off in your total time, and then after many unsuccessful attempts, you finally get it! God, I just love that. One specific course on the Driving missions in GT4, the last mission, I think it was mission 32 Nurburgring Nordschleif. This mission took me around 15 hours to complete, and believe me, Im no rookie when it comes to Gran turismo. After I completed the mission, I had a sense of pride and fullfilment, just knowing that I finally completed this excedingly difficult mission that haunted me for what seemed like endless hours, I just could not believe how difficult this mission was. I guess thats what real race car drivers have to go through to master there driving skills, and more. I know its just a game, but Im not afraid to admit that I am a full blown-out game-junkie, I ve been playing video games since I was 5, and damnit, Its my passion! I hope you guys have something to share about Grand turismo experiences!
  7. Damn, I have never seen a quadruple post before! just calm it down X GTA X.
  8. Well depends, are you speaking conceptually or realisticly. Currently, computer technology is growing exponentialy ( at least that what they say ), they also say that gig-hertz ratings and total-floating-points are reaching there practical limits, but you never know, they always seem to be making breakthrews in computer technology. Ok, lets assume that they get passed some certain limitations, according to trends, in less than 50 years ( just estimating, dont know for sure ), we should be able to achieve the hard-ware and knowledge that will be capable of simulating a machine that will be capable of making "human like" decisions, maybe it will even actually have conscious awarness. Ok now, lets also consider that technology in other areas is also growing at a fast rate, technology such as quantum-mechanics ( nuclear science in short ). What I am trying to get to here is that nuclear sciences are already to a point in wich they are capable of rendering mankind extinct, just imagine even 10 years from now. Now, my point is, can we even reach the year were we are able to build this super-smart machine that is capable of turning on us? or will we just blow ourselves up with nuclear devices that in some unnecesary fued, wich scenario is more likley?
  9. Did you really see a guy in swimtrunks, under water, at the base of a rock with cement shoes on and dead in GTAVC? did you really?......strange, I smell burning pants.
  10. What the f*** are you talking about? When I said uncut, I mean I can take the subject matter in GTA pretty well. Since when I was nine or ten, I could handle the idea of stuff like murder, rape, etc. I wasn't handed down kiddie-shit. And to expand what I said about everything you can do is somewhat illegal, might as well look at the name. Grand Theft Auto. If you don't want a game with homicide, drug smuggling, and prostitution, go play Bully, Hit and Run, or something else and GTFO. Why did you reply to him so offensively? , I dont think his intentions were to offend.
  11. C,mon dude really. Do you think you're gonna slip something like that in this forum with all of these GTA veterans around?
  12. Yeah, I suppose...Damn, Im an Idiot Btw, how do you find so much time to write, and good too, not just some half assed story put together over night.
  13. Ya know, Tec 9 has a point there. When I think about, I enjoyed the console versions alot more than I did with the PC version, "unedited and uncut".
  14. I just dont know why sex is such a touchy subject for most of todays youth. Im pretty thats not the way it was intended...something went wrong along the way.
  15. The topic title is self explanatory, I get a message saying something like, an upgrade is being installed or something.
  16. Nice writing, Good storyline, not boring, just good overall. But IMO, I dont think you really capture the characters. I just cant imagine some of them saying some certain things, unless youre trying to go something differnt? But all in all Bravo Bravo
  17. Well, if I had to answer the child, I would reply to him/her in a way that they can comprehend. Chances are the child probably wouldnt even understand what you were trying to tell him/her if you told them in true detail. So yeah, I would answer the child with ease, I dont see what is so hard, just do it in a way that is in respect to his/her specifications...If you know what they are of course.
  18. What would make you say something so ignorant about something that is so important and vital? Your "creator" gave you ( and everyone ) genitalia for a reason, to propel mankind into the future, so that we may live on and enjoy everything that life has to offer, not for you to feel disgusted by it ( or by anyone else talking about it ) . The act of sex is the single most powerful and greatest thing on this planet, its what gives humanity a purpose. Yeah, of course thats how you feel about it, and thats your opinion on the matter, but Im not going to sit here and read what you wrote without replying in a suprised manner. MY god, whats wrong with todays society, I cant believe this is the mentality of many. The youth cant even comprehend a simple, but yet so important act without being disgusted by it. Evolved beings are we?....I really doubt it. Lol But at this age if you are asking.Isnt it tooo young? I never said Having SEX is Sick. Did I? I also said " or by anyone else talking about it" and no, I personally dont think asking about sex at that age is to young.
  19. Explaining how to mod textures over pms is a long and difficult task, believe me I have done it before with very few people. So I suggest going to a website that is dedicated to explaining how do such tasks. I was thinking of submiting this file but I didnt anyone would really like it.
  20. This a mod I made a few weeks ago, suprisingly I still had the modded file on my computer. I think this is suitable for kids
  21. This happened to me on the PS2 version, it was the very first time I played
  22. Yeah I know, Its just so weird that It appeard as a ped-driven car. One time I saw a ped driving a Bullet in the far ends of the desert where Barbara lives....weird
  23. Yay!!!!!!! I have obtained 100 posts.I know this is nothing for the veterans, but for me, this means everything to me in the world HAHAHAHA HAHAH HAHAHAH!!!!
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