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  1. lobo88

    What are you listening to right now?

    Monty Python- "Four Yorkshiremen"
  2. lobo88

    Odd Screenshot

    They probably put the peds there to F with us and have a little fun, you know.
  3. lobo88

    GTA 4 : Vancouver

    Its not that they smuggle more its that more gets past the border. Hell in some places the border is just a grass median between roads. but anyway yah it would be interesting if they did do Vancouver & seattle. I think they should do all the northwest like Idaho and Oregon and have Alaska & Hawaii just for fun.
  4. lobo88

    GTA 4 : Vancouver

    Actually I have heard Seattle had problems with Traid, Yakuza, and the Russian Mob issues like money laundering and that sort of stuff and you know Seattle had a major serial killer like once a decade it seams. as for Vancouver well i cant say much about that city mostly drug stuff I guess. Did you know more illegal drugs come through the Canadian border than the Mexecan
  5. lobo88

    VCS Rated M....

    OHH...really what a suprise.
  6. lobo88

    Game news

    it is old news really but hey guess what its rated Mature in America, who would have guessed
  7. I live in Alaska and once a year i get a Dividend(free money) for living here. You have to live here for 2 years and live 6 months out of the years in order to get it. This year im getting $1,106.96, cool huh. Well what would you do with that money, ill be spending it on PS3 stuff and paying off a few debts this year.
  8. lobo88

    Introduce Yourself..

    I here now
  9. lobo88

    How much do you play LCS Multiplayer?

    Never no one around, but my friends going to get a PSP soon and lcs (then vcs when it comes out) so i cant wait for that.
  10. lobo88

    Did Vic Really Die?

    yah thats a very possible truth. as for the short hair cut he is in the marines remember.
  11. lobo88

    Fake GTA4 Maps

    Did anyone notice he put golden state as a location even tho San Andrease was to be california. I suggest move golden state up and reshape it more to have it look loke the great northwest (Oregon,Washington) and maybe even Alaska for fun
  12. Its going to be a totaly new storyline from the others so i highly dowt that its going to be that child. It would be cool if you can go to all the previouse cities and then some.
  13. lobo88

    I hope theres jets in vcs

    IGN has a pick including a shamal.
  14. lobo88


    I got detention once becouse some kid was doing a typing test in my name and i didnt know he was doing that either.