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  1. I hope they make London as the next city, anyway im hoping for skateboards and more vehicles and better vehicle physics, like when a vehicle hits the ground it should explode.
  2. looks good, but cant be a real picture.
  3. ive never talked to u before , but welcome back to the site.
  4. Im prety sure im straight, HOPEFULLY, lol just kidding of course im straight!
  5. Very crisp and clean, i'll be sure to get VCS if it comes to PS2!
  6. I really like the beta policecars, but u can download them now, so yay! EDIT: if anyone would like to now where to get the beta police car, u get it from either this site(i think) or GTAInside by a guy called comando funebrero. Where do u get the beta version? I would LOVE to have it, i would really appreciate it if someone could tell me where to get it.
  7. GTA LCS on the PS2 has way better graphics than GTA3 on PS2.
  8. I love having shootouts with the police, and fbi and army. Its great fun.
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