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  1. JayD your confusing the f***in shit out of me. Add me on msn, hopefully you got. Check my profile. Thanks for the linkage StuntX
  2. So I can put it on tommy to record your stunts. If you go away upload your stunts somewhere and PM me. A font also...for your name.
  3. You have that skin in the skins folder right? Take it out...or if it's the edited one in the img file extract it and stuff... Is that deadline cool for everyone?
  4. Thanks for wearing it Damn I gotta do 20 push ups now. I started doin that shit too cause it dont hurt nuthin...
  5. Enough posting in this shit topic.
  6. Made by Impakt, from my crew. http://img329.imageshack.us/img329/9108/animosityfanubzu8.jpg
  7. In my opinion, pre recorded clips look like shit, and will mess the vid up. So If I edit, there wont be any used. I got some more stunts, one being a 100ft PCJ bump gap.
  8. I'm not really sure, but just go to the school to get your driving skill up. I think you need good driving for one of the missions or somethin.
  9. Ok we are doing the collab. StuntX, if you would like to edit you can put SA, VC and LC stunts in the vid.
  10. I'll try to help you guys out. What should I do?
  11. To do the community vid. I updated the first post a little...
  12. Ok, but I'm thinkin of canceling this vid so you guys can do the community one... or not?
  13. I dont know? Anyway, who was organizing the community vid and stuff?
  14. We should finish the community vid then.
  15. Bon Jovi? How many stunts do people have? I got like 2 or somethin for this vid.
  16. Post any random video's you have here. I'll list them in order of names and stuff. Urban Legend: - A short video on getting away from the cops, stunt style. all in 1 replay.
  17. If no one is really confident on editing, I will. Anyone can post a song suggestion though.
  18. Info: This will be a Liberty City / Vice City collab video, you cant stunt any other games for this vid unless the editer has San Andreas. Here you tell me if you want to join, would like to edit, have song suggestions and any other comments and questions. Stunters: Urban Legend Jay D StuntX Ghost Mr.Metal Editer: Ghost Deadline To Send Stunts: November 7th Who and How to send stunts: Put your Vice and Liberty City replays into a rar or zip, include your player skin, font, bike skin and any other info I need. Then upload anywhere on the net and PM me with a link to download your stuff.
  19. You got a mod for that section? Cause I could be one, I'm probably too new on these forums though.
  20. I'll make a new topic for the vid with all the info This topic is for all the stuff you guys want in this forum. I'll try to get those tutorial vids btw here's a ts fan userbar also http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/293/tsfanivpy3.jpg
  21. I'll organize a video for these forums then That is if you guys are interested in stunting Vice and / or Liberty City?
  22. This forum is painfully inactive, what should we do to spice it up? What do you guys wanna see? Some tutorials, stunt challenges, what! post your comments and suggestions.
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