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  1. Sorry about the vid Dont use cheats and mods next time. That BMW was doin 240mph 2/10 for the vid, cause that wasnt stunting oh and saying that Strikers vid was mine is an insult to me, that defenitly wasnt my vid..
  2. Thanks for the comment And here's the answer to your question: Put 1 bike near the pole, get another bike and ram the bike into the pole ( not that hard ) and it should fall over and get stuck like a little ramp, it may take a few trys or some practice but you'll get it
  3. Will someone please download? Here's a streaming low quality link also: http://www.gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=16283
  4. Gerard has a good idea, I think something along the lines of that would be nice
  5. To Al the Killer: That would be the Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City mod for the PC version of Vice City. A dedicated team of skinners, coders, modellers and etc over at http://www.gtaforums.com ( currently down far as i know ) have been working on this modification for Vice City for years now. It is a very well known mod that changes the VC map into the GTAIII map, thusly putting the VC features in GTA3 that it didnt have from the beginning...like PCJ's and Helicopters. So sorry if I was wrong here, there was a mod used... but no cheats were used so put that in your pipe and smoke it And if you want check out my new vid here "Quake" the credits are better in that vid for those who dont understand
  6. I havent bought a game in a long time...I got my eye on Scarface right now though. How bout you guys?
  7. This is one of my favorite games man, so bad ass. And the more you progress in the game the better the executions get All in all there's plenty of weapons throughout...you might get a little bored in the begnning cause they give you the same shit weapons over and over but it picks up and you start killin people in more gruesome ways I beat the game on fetish and harcore...beat all the bonus levels then wrote a FAQ on them thats over at http://www.gamefaqs.com you should get the game cause it's probably cheap as f*ck now...and there's enough replay value as to where you wont get bored cause you can unlock cheat codes and stuff too
  8. Damn this game sounds crazy! I gotta get this for PS2. I was watching a show on tv about this game and the whole story behind Scarface one day...it was cool I gotta find a way to come up with $50 damn bucks though
  9. Here's a new video I put together with help from: Juan, Aenima, arKy, Sweet, Turtle Dick, Species, Blade, THEFTman, Daffy and Xtramus. With editing from THEFTman this turned out to be one nice peice of work 24mb LQ - Quake @ Filefront 85mb HQ - Quake @ TGA enjoy
  10. Streaming video link: http://www.gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=16015
  11. What do you need help with?
  12. Ok, sorry I didnt post a suggestion, but here's one: Seperate the stunting section into VC and SA. Thats all I got for now...
  13. Bumps in SA have a little more cushion to them, you gotta be more precise in VC
  14. More links added plus a low quality version
  15. Nice, but 62 of these users were guests. I suggest find a way to make these guests...members Cause it seems like you guys are getting good traffic, just no one is registering.
  16. Both, ZeroX might come back to stunting though. Not so sure about Matt. Anyone download the vid yet?
  17. Pretty nice vid dude, but people were doing stunts like those years ago A few pointers though: Once your in the air, you need to lean forward and back using "Lean Forward" and "Lean Back" it helps you land the stunt That also goes for grinds too, like at the Nort Point Mall, when you get on the rail you lean back anf forth so you can balance on the rail and grind. Also, there is a replay function, use it F1 shows last 30 seconds, F2 saves last 30 seconds, F3 plays last saved replay Thanks for the shoutout too If you have any questions go ahead and ask
  18. dock_paynspry_bump.zip There's a stunt No cheats. Packer 2 bump at the docks, got over 100ft height Dont try using it anywhere cause I know what it looks like.. btw it's a VC PC .replay file rename it replay.rep and put it in the folder
  19. There's no option to change is from a .avi to .wmv?
  20. You can get behing Saint Marks by drivin an ambulcane up the stairs and whatnot, jumpin on it then over all a wall...There's nothing of interest behind there, except a ramp, which you can ramp if you get behind there in a PCJ using the GTA: LC Mod You can also get there if you go down the small alley down the street, jump one of the walls and you there
  21. Maybe try to reinstall, I dont know what the problem could be.
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