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  1. The poll question is the best thing is this topic. I'm gonna try and grab this screen off my ps2. "When old ladies attack" part 1
  2. They might be in some other parts of LS other than near the stadium. Take a picture of the map if you can
  3. Carnage I don't think there is going to be a demo. That screen looks really good, I can see the start of mission now...with Niko meeting someone under the train tracks at the docks. The article is kinda weird though, I think it's a little fudged. but interesting none the less
  4. Talk about some spoilers. Rachel you played through the storyline?
  5. Look's like this topic really took off. I'd help post stuff, but I'm not up to date on much of the info on GTAIV. I would like to see something though.
  6. Well...all those shitty little blade weapons still suck unless you can do 1 hit kills with them. Such as a stab to the neck. Not the decapitation caused by the Katana. In VC they were kinda pointless, but look deadly in the screenshots taken by
  7. It's a different room, and to see it w/o mods stand next to the door (facing adjacent) and take out the bazooka and then look into the building.
  8. A submarine would be the shit! It would have limited ammo though...I'd say about 8 torpedo's. Be able to dive underwate...and well, do everything a damn sub does.
  9. If your on the PS2 just hold up a little bit on the left analog and CJ will duck below the wind screen and you go much faster. If on PC just tap the "lean forward" button rapidly to make stay under the wind screen.
  10. The throwing rock thing sounds cool. I hope we can beat people with sticks...or other people. That'd be great. As for weapons... they need a good sawn off and basically all the guns from this time period.
  11. If when installing VC you didn't install the audio files you might have to install again. But maybe it doesnt make a dfference with the mp3 station.
  12. I could probably get it done for you, by someone else though. I guess pm me if your still interested.
  13. I'd be surprised if they didn't use what they have been since GTAIII. It wouldnt be bad though, I'll be happy regardless.
  14. If you can fit the helicopter inside the building...go for it. And that's a different place from the one in the mission. I don't think I've seen it before either, pretty cool. I know you can find this mod somewhere that lets you go into alot of interiors such as the Printwork, VRock Studio, Greasy Chopper and others. This right here only requires a jetpack or any other method you know of for going through walls.
  15. This game now official sucks...you guys aren't even answering the questions right and then move on...have fun though.
  16. Tommy Vercetti. After what mission is the clothing icon available at the Downtown Jocksport? a. The Driver b. The Chase c. The Fastest Boat d. Phenom Phen
  17. That game looks pretty sweet.
  18. I personally wouldnt. And neither did the Detroit Lions last year. I think it was the last game of the season when they had to play the bears and they beat them in a high scorin game and all that. They could of lost though and had like a 3 - 13 record but I wouldnt think of doing that. So they were 4 - 12 I think, falling a spot behind in the draft. somethin..
  19. I would say it's more like a text messege. Like the beeper in gta3...big ass cell phone in VC. Smaller cell in SA. Doesn't it make sense his cellphone gets better? It's 2007. If your phone don''t have bluetooth it sucks...like mine.
  20. I'm sure with a little more info we can help you. But until then I''m just gonna say download cars that are manual install from now on.
  21. Not too shabby GLS. Everyone had some nice stunts in there. Ghost had one of the best taxi grinds I seen of late...Godfather, awesome rhino stunt. Well those were defenitly standouts for me. good work guys.
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