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  1. Dublo7

    Music Genre

  2. Dublo7

    How many Mp3's do you have?

    211 Yeah im noob. But i would have alot more if i had broadband
  3. Dublo7

    Battlefield 1942

    This is probably the most over-hyped game ever No offense, but I didnt see what was so special about it, one bit.
  4. Dublo7


    *downloads* *dosent work* *deletes*
  5. Dublo7

    The Day After Tomorrow

    There is quite alot of hype for this movie. Im gunna see it for sure.
  6. Dublo7

    what games will u be getting?

    yeh i might get HCTP. DOR looks very good though. ill see how it goes
  7. Dublo7

    what games will u be getting?

    Yeah I totally agree. Wrestling games are 200% better than games such as Dead or Alive. Fighting games like that get SO boring after about 3 rounds
  8. Dublo7

    what games will u be getting?

    Nah I dont have HCTP is it any good? I dont think they will release a new PS2 game this year. As HCTP was just released around 4 months ago
  9. Dublo7

    what games will u be getting?

    Yeah its Gamecube Exclusive I believe. Lucky for me a have Gc and PS2 Day of Wreckoning looks very nice. Its gunna be awsome coz Cena is in it aswell
  10. Dublo7

    List down your computer spects

    What a nice person you are frank
  11. Dublo7

    Favourite Console

    I got a PS2 and a Gamecube. Gamecube has nice graphics and a few nice games. But PS2 is definately my favourite Console out. I sorta a Xbox Hater But nothing beats my Beast PC
  12. Dublo7

    what games will u be getting?

    ok um quite alot I want, but not sure if ill be able to get them all :'( Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (my most wanted game ever ) Doom 3 (me thinks ill get scared playing this ) Half Life 2 (not as much as Doom3) Battlefield Vietnam Resident Evil 4 GTA: San Andreas WWE: Day of Reckoning Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
  13. Dublo7

    Word Association

  14. Dublo7

    List down your computer spects

    Heres my Baby CPU - Pentium 4 800fsb 3ghz OS - Windows XP Pro SP1 Mother Board - Intel D865 PERL-K Ram - 1 GIG DDR-400 Video Card - Leadtek A380 Geforce 5950 ultra 256mb HDD - Seagate 150 Gig SATA 7200rpm Speakers - 5.1 Altec Lansing Sound - Onboard Case - Lian Li (not sure of Model ) Anyone Touches my PC besides me and they DIE