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  1. This is the topic to post YOUR XBL gamer tag and find other people in the forum to play the game with. Or find ones you want to avoid, hah. My GT is xShermdogg
  2. The controversy is already starting. On the radio, driving to work today I hear "Steal, kill, and rape for fun" and I automatically knew. God damn it.
  3. Sweet. I'll probably start it up in a bit if someone doesn't beat me to it.
  4. I wasn't as clear as I'd hoped I was. Is C the same thing as Objective C? Or is C the same thing as C++, just abbreviated?
  5. Was researching today and I actually am planning to learn similar languages. Python for starters and Java later, then C++ and C (Is this the same as Objective C? I dunno..) I'm getting pretty interested, though. Do you have any books or online resources that you'd recommend?
  6. It's getting heated. Plus Russia and China are complicating things with the U.N. and the U.S. .. I'm not too sure what to think. It's still unclear who or why the chemicals were set off, huh?
  7. I THINK the sub was confirmed at some point earlier this year. Don't quote me on that as my memory isn't too great, but it looks awesome. Return of the Hydra as well, woo!
  8. I'm not expecting anything new with as much (imo) information as they've put out already. Maybe some vehicles or something, but it'll be nice to see polished gameplay. I'm still excited for it though!
  9. That's really cool, giving the crews structure. Plus since crews can and will be spread across platforms, it'll make it easier to manage them through the ranks. I literally cannot wait until this game comes out, nor the online version!
  10. Hi and welcome. We're going to need a little more information. Is it around a certain mission? Did you just start playing? I'd try a reinstall first to see what that does.
  11. Where did you learn from? I picked up a free online book and started reading today. I think it's a little dated, written in 1996 and they're talking about Lisp (which I've never heard of lol) but yeah. I'm more interested in creating apps for phones and even programs for pc/mac/ etc @Blacklisted: I;ll have to shoot him a PM when I gather my thoughts up
  12. Looking to see if we have any programmers around here. I'm looking at pursuing a different career path and want input from people who make programs, apps, etc. Lesuirely or for a professional career.
  13. Cool. So all of these are Collector/special edition specific? It's obvious on all of them but the plane trials. Then it's kind of.. iffy.
  14. Since this topic is already made.. how does everyone (who watches it) feel about the last season? I think they should've ended it where the last season (8) ended. There are some thrilling parts.. but really, it's kind of annoying. ***SPOILERS*** With Vogel.. her son? Really? Hannah back.. yeah. I'm finishing it because I'm this far but I'd almost rather pull out my own teeth. :/
  15. Sometimes the install goes wrong or conflicts with other mods. Uninstall the last one (Hope you didn't do them all at once) and see if it works. If not, keep uninstalling them until you find the problem.
  16. Yeah, I felt like reading everything that R* released with Vice city (lol long time ago) I kind of knew the game before I'd even played it. sucked.. don't want that happening to me (or anyone else)
  17. I'm not going to read, but when you're on again and read this, do me a favor and space the details down. I changed the topic title accordingly. Thanks.
  18. Sweet. From the pic, I wish it had a more negative offset in the rear. I'm gonna guess its a Miata underneath. Still cool though!
  19. YJ? Holy shit I haven't seen you in forever. How are you!? But yeah, it's unfortunate the forums have become so inactive. It's nice being able to discuss the games / theories with people from very different backgrounds than local friends. I HOPE things pick back up soon though.
  20. Sweet. I wonder if it'll be an in-game competition of some sort. That'd be pretty cool.
  21. Where are all of the 360 people at? Looks like Llama and I will be alone
  22. Cool. Slowly getting the list populated.
  23. I think my wife would approve of me playing the game if she was Hahah.
  24. We know Michael is voiced by Ned Luke, he is the perfect suite to play Michael, I'm already a big fan. As for a celebrity: Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) from Breaking Bad trying to sell meth to Trevor. It makes perfect sense R* Kind of, except Breaking Bad is based in Albuquerque A lot different from Los Angeles. I think a knock off Tom Cruise and some other 'Scientology' people would be hilarious. Joined into the Epsilon program, hah.
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