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  1. Yeah, I know. We went into freemode after a mission or something and you unloaded into my head, hahah.
  2. As in to be 'booted' out of the lobby. Usually for being an idiot.. harassment, etc.
  3. Has anyone else had this issue? Yesterday some one had a bounty on their head.. so of course, like any other normal person I grab a heli (Annihilator) and go after them. Instead of getting a chance to claim my small cash prize, I find that I'm being voted against. Really? For coming after you with a bounty on your head.. nice. Any other opinions on bounties?
  4. It's better than hanging out with Lamar You think as the game progressed, Franklin would be hanging out with some one else as relationships grew. (Btw empty your pm box lol)
  5. Definitely indulging.. I saw you bought a Buzzard!
  6. It was about the amount I'd legitimately earned over a 30 level period. I blew it all on cars and I kept switching garages.. wasted a shit ton that way. Bleh
  7. Yeah, the lifted one. There's nothing great about it but the ground clearance. Plus it looks cool.
  8. Hi guys, minor spoilers I suppose. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Instead of hoping in the jet, turn around and hop in the Mesa. There's a red and white ramp like deal near the tall fence. Ramp it. Then haul ass to where ever your garage is. I got lucky with the other guy I was in a game with, he went afk. It's easier than through missions like "Land, air, and sea" especially with strangers!
  9. The only glitch I've ran into so far (online) is when downsizing. Kicked my last car out, no where to be found. But I guess that is exactly what the 500k was for.
  10. I'm kind of confused, what did they do with Youtube? And the only reason I joined up with Google + is to enter prize giveaways ;P
  11. As R* promised, stimulus has arrived. What are you guys planning to do with it?
  12. The kids (and immature adults.. same thing) kind of do ruin the online experience. I've run into some insanely awesome players that have been nice, skilled, etc. Unfortunately, there are people (especially races.. oh my god) who think playing fair doesn't apply to them and it sucks. Then their crew buddies do the same shit.. so we have 3-4 bad sports in a race. Sure, I can avoid them through matchmaking the next time, but it doesn't help anything. I think a huge deal would be the ability to boot people when you're hosting. Get rid of the bad seeds and have a decent public lobby.
  13. ^^ Bully is excellent. Especially at 10 dollars, makes me want to pull my copy out. But yeah, GTA5/O is going to be my holiday gaming. I don't have time for anything but one game at a time and have games several years old I still want to finish (Bioshock series, Borderlands, Fallout series etc)
  14. Trevor is what he is.. a meth'd out psychopath. And it is really sad that dude went in LAX like that. No one should die over trying to make honest money, either.
  15. ^ Yeah, I agree with the insurance thing. So far I've kind of had more fun on single player anyway. Did you finally get the lifted Mesa btw? It's pretty awesome.
  16. Awesome. Glad to see they're keeping their word with the content. CTF is always a good time.
  17. Sherman

    First car?

    What is/was your guys'/gals' car? I got ahold of a Buffalo. It was the first thing I ran into, lol.
  18. New GT.. no mic for now, but I'm kinda fast at the in-game texting, haha.
  19. ^ I just made a new GT and did the 30 day trial. Requires a 'payment method' but it's 30 days and you can always cancel it before it charges, if you wanted to.
  20. They're going to announce it on the R* newswire when they're going to do the 2 $250,000 deposits
  21. That's pretty cool. There's also the Voodoo fest in New Orleans that sounds pretty awesome. I can't remember the lineup at all
  22. I just ran into some out in the country side near the military fort. I tried to steal a Barracks (the big 6 wheeled people hauler, I guess that's what it is still called) and they brought out the strips on me.
  23. Yeah, it's pretty hard. I try not to get into them too much.. although, cars are no longer as safe as they used to be. Especially with the ability to drain out the gas tank
  24. Looks like I need to get online That's awesome they are doing that for the hardship, though.
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