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  1. I better save some vacation days from work then huh? This is awesome.. can't wait to pick up the magazine coming up to learn more.
  2. Good to see you're still alive and stuff, heh. Glad you're doing well, man.
  3. I still haven't finished the first Borderland and I'm excited for 2 Right now I'm between Forza 3 and Fallout New Vegas.
  4. Good shit right there. I've only been to one hiphop show.. didn't get to enjoy it as much as I should. Kid Cudi, I'm a huge fan. It's a shame that the best stuff gets NO radio play, though. All I ever hear is 2chainz (inb4racialreferencelolol) and lil wayne. Ugh.
  5. That's awesome. Sucks being a broke college student Cuz I want it! Haha
  6. I'll probably just get it for the collection. I have the huge Vice City issue.. I don't remember who brought it out, but it's pretty decent shape for how young I was when I got it
  7. Cool, thanks for the input guys. I liked BC2 because of the destructable environments But I did only play online the times I did. Black ops for the action / I heard the zombie mode was pretty awesome. It seems hard to find a shooter that's not online oriented.. eh. Have to make sales somehow I guess
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking for a new game. New to me, anyhow. Sub $20, shooting, fucking fun. I don't have xbl/psn/ etc so single player longetivity or random fun single player modes must be good and last. I'm looking for military type games, so if you have better suggestions, I'm listening!
  9. I liked the idea of having RP represent. For some reason I thought he was independent party though? Oh well.. I'm sure as fuck not voting for Mittens. And llama, I agree. You have to be well known to run for Presidency. Supported by the rich to campaign, in exchange to be their puppet.
  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've tried to explain this to family/friends/etc but no one wants to hear it. That shit isn't going to matter when we're (Amurricuh) owned by China.
  11. I miss playing MTA. Not good enough internet or even much devoted time to put to it anymore, these days. Awesome they're still working on it and people still play, though.
  12. That's pretty cool. What kind of numbers are you making, after the re map?
  13. Sv, Artur! What's going on man? Around here.. not a lot, unfortunately. Same ol' stuff.. can't wait for more info though. I'm just hoping the hype they're building is worth it!
  14. Yeah, for over a year now. It's nice. Discounts, no dating bs, eh. ;P Wish I would've waited, but all in all, I don't regret it.
  15. Sherman! What's up dood! Still working on the whip? I've been pretty well mate, good to see you've stuck around! Not a lot man. A ton has changed since we last talked.. what, 2+ years ago? Haha. I'm married, live in New Mexico, no kids (woo!).. work nights, going to school soon etc. Unfortunately I had to sell the car ): So many problems started coming up once I drove it out, it wasn't worth it to me to fix it. Sold it, driving a '95 Corolla right now. Waiting til I get into a house til I start up on my next car though How about you brother? And I stick my head in every once in awhile especially with the recent gta5 news!
  16. Long time no see man. How've you been?
  17. Not bad for 700! Personally, I'd skip the k&n filter though. Too dry, more dirt gets in. Too oily, it restricts and coats the MAF sensor. Plus you're not going to see any gains on a small engine like that, I'm sure the stock box flows best Keep us updated though. I'm into Honda/Acura pretty hard core, but it's always nice to see something different.
  18. The lulz to ensue when I'm beating people with a tennis racket.. (Atleast that's what I'm hoping )
  19. Don't agree with chik fil a. Supporting (a) hate group(s) under a Christian company.. please. How much more ignorant can someone be?
  20. :JIZZ; I knew these were coming. I logged in etc for the first time in awhile. That's awesome. The hydra looks stunning, I can't wait to wreck the city with that Look at the dirt trail coming off the bike. That looks great. I'm very excited. More to come.. Maybe a spring release?
  21. That's okay. I started the original GTA series when I was about 7. Not the greatest thing to play at that age, but whatever. When I was your age, I had gta3. I turned the volume down and just drove around. It doesn't make for the fulfilling gta experience as it does now (I'm currently 20) but it allowed me to play atleast. Obviously don't go on killing sprees etc. But I mean really there's nothing else bad except for the cursing/violence/strip club.
  22. It's a difficult game, I started a 100% playthrough.. just falling short on the 2nd island, I haven't played in a long time now. Love the game, but damn. Haha
  23. That is awesome, I'm getting a little excited again. The city looks so huge!
  24. I love midnight club, but the last installment.. eh. I hate how it's practically impossible to win a race unless using a bike. Patch to make the first bit a little easier, but still.
  25. I learned that if police lose visuals on you, you're automatically safe, no matter what you'lve done
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