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  1. Damn.. maybe it'll come out in a DLC. I also want the Blista compact back.. not muscle, but whatever. I loved it :P



    As far as muscle goes.. love the Gauntlet, Phoenix and Ruiner. I really wish I had like a 50 car garage online, hahah.

  2. I have to go to work right now.. but I'll make a quick reply :P It sucks that there is so much money in the game now. I'm pretty sure that is what R* is working on.. delaying everything else because people will exploit anything and everything. I think they should have protected the money system way better to start with because micro transactions are what will fuel the free updates and DLC. I'll be playing Battlefield in the meantime, so hopefully it gets fixed soon. 

  3. I've survived a bounty once.. was messing around in a private free roam session. No good behavior bonus in a while.. I leave shitty races and tend to blow up other peoples cars while trying to buy their bounty :P Haha. I hop from lobby to lobby to avoid someone setting a bounty on me now though.. that, and killing the drivers of cars I want. 

  4. 1:  Where do you get your aircraft?  My pilot skill is maxed & the crosshiar still bobs & weaves

    all over because it's locked dead ahead & moves w/ the aircraft.  CJ had a lot better attack heli 

    Insert cussing here. 


    2: If you're after $$, Martin & Lester pay better than the others.  Martin's mission "Defender"

    pays $11500 to fly a Buzzard & protect one of his contacts.  If you're good in a heli it's easy



    Sucks about your ride, I have about $200K wrapped up in my "free" Eligy so I know what you

    mean.  Last night I joined a buddy & stumbled into a public cesspool made the mistake of

    leaving my Merryweather Mesa at the Sandy Shores airstrip when I grabbed the Buzzard. 

    Someone (let's call him Dick) apparently didn't appreciate my setting vehicle access to "no one"

    & blew it up.  Thanks Dick.


    You probably won't make that mistake again but for those who are yet, get insurance & bulletproof

    tires for any car you plan to keep.  My Stainer (90's Crown Vic) has been blown up 6 times, sunk

    twice, caught fire once & tangled w/ 4 freight trains (never totaled by trains, drove away each time). 

    Deductible is $125.  Dick paid the $325 on the Mesa (only time it's been totaled).


    I thought I was the only one who liked the Stanier! I love that car, lol.  


    Has anyone else ran into freezing issues? I just flew under a bridge.. too low and ran into a bus stop.. then my game froze :/

  5. The fighter jet is something you kinda just do.. I took the air route in. It wasn't at 100%.. I kind of hit a tank on the way out, but it was still very flyable and I didn't really have any trouble from other jets coming after me.. then again I didn't have it for a long time. 

  6. I was thinking about picking up the new CoD for x-mas. I play online with Nate (and you probably.. I just need to add you on my new GT!) but that's it. No one I know really plays :/ It's unfortunate people already feel this way about the game. 

  7. I've noticed the money drop in races even.. that blows. I'm kind of fed up with GTA:O already.. even going to take the game out of the console for the first time today. 

  8. I knew there was a reason we got along so well.  I have had it w/ (insert LOTS of derogatory names

    here) & won't even bother going into a public session.  One improvement I noticed is that the host

    can kick randoms from the lobby as opposed to randoms kicking the host in GTA 4.  The sight alone

    of supercars in Star Junction still..... Let's just say I don't miss it.


    One improvement that comes to mind would be giving the host the ability to pause & kick problem

    players & if there's a reasonable suspicion of cheating tag the session for review.  If someone is

    c aught cheating, they're banned.  Same for hosts that repeatedly make false reports.


    I was doing a race, Vinewood NIghts I believe) and I couldn't pass a guy in the dirt corners climbing up so I just waited until he spun out and made my move. Only 15 seconds later to be rammed off the top of the hill. I can't stand that. We ended up going back to freemode together.. he had a sticky bomb attached to his van and a large bounty on his head. 'Bad sport' rating or not.. completely worth it. 

  9. I've only got 2 crates...I went to chase one down last night in my nice red Entity XF and instead of getting there, I get blown up by my own crew member... -.- Then he continued to kill me so he could get it himself..


    I got lucky and got to one just as two other guys got to it. I was killed and still managed to get it. I left out in a hurry (I love the Carbonizzare) and they were still killing themselves over it :P Good stuff

  10. I thought better me than some random to take the bounty's pay. XD holy shit this game is fun though, been having a blast having you on board for online now too. I need to get a new mic! My puppy broke my old one into pieces. 


    Yeah, way better than randoms for sure :P And same here.. except I left mine in NC. I haven't ran into many people that have mics, or they just don't talk lol. 


    And I use the avoidance system and such. I ran into a crew who did nothing but wreck other people so their buddy could win, absolutely ridiculous. But I do rep people if I like playing with them and they aren't idiots. 

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