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  1. Hey guys here we can discuss about Gta san an All the myths and mstrys to be solved.. We can hunt out a number of things. Please If you have any, Post your Pictures here. We can discuss a number of things too

    Warning the pictures should not be Editted In any way. No Mods should be Used.


    Not many people still play San Andreas anymore. Pretty much all of the myths have been explored and deemed true or.. myth. This is a slower message board, so be patient, post elsewhere (GTAV is soon!) and another person will come along and post.

  2. Just trying to get a general idea of what system everyone will be getting the game for. We'll see how many members are on which systems for the crews and what not. List your name and what system (as well as the poll!)


    I'll update the list as time goes on and everything.


    Xbox 360


    1. Sherman

    2. MrLlamaLlama

    3. KyleIce45

    4. Rockstarrem

    5. MishoM

    6. BlackListedB

    7. Chris





    1. NotYouHaha

    2. Bustago

    3. Spartan 198

    4. Blur

    5. blnk182fan18

    6. Chris

    7. RmdVlad




    1. MrLlamaLlama

    2. Spider-vice

    3. Blur

    4. Rockstarrem

    5. Chris

  3. Cleaned up the thread by getting rid of some of the posts throughout. Generally, there is a topic title followed by a beginning post. That combination sets the tone and idea of the topic. Lets try sticking to it.


  4. I completely agree with Huck. My wife babysits for a few extra dollars a week, the older kid is 7. He wants to spend all the time with my wife instead of playing. Why? The parents just sit him in front of a video game or tv screen so they don't have to do any parenting. Absolutely ridiculous. Shootings have to do with poor parenting more than anything else.

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  5. The lowest it's been in Albuquerque is about 20 degrees. Snow a couple of inches, got to see some people freak out and wreck. Also doubled my 15 minute commute :/ Eh. I like the cold better than the scorching heat.

  6. Holy fucking shit, I'm excited. 25 hours seems short, but who is really going to play straight through? It'll take me months to complete the game.. considering my work/school, heh. Also..

    There is a functioning ecosystem teeming with wildlife.

    Is this as in, bears and other animals in the woods? Or am I confused?

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