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    Who was Wade in GTA SA?


    I'm wondering this as well, because I don't recall anyone named Wade being in GTA: SA. Maybe he's being confused with Dwaine of Jethro and Dwaine fame? Pronunciation of their names is somewhat similar.


    As far as Johnny K goes, I was certainly surprised by his demise. I didn't really like him at first, but having played TLAD through several times, he grew on me. I was fearing for Luis going through the rest of the game... :rofl2:



    Now that I think about it.. maybe I am thinking of Dwaine.. woops :P Haha.

  2. ***Minor Spoilers***




















    I can't believe he killed Johnny! After the GTA4 episode, TLAD, I thought he was pretty bad ass. Messed up, sure.. but definitely not expecting him to get killed being a bitch. Awesome cameo, nonetheless. Also, is that Wade from San Andreas?

  3. I took out a Grouppe sechs (sp?) armored van, unaware of the stocks etc as I was so new into the game. A little later, stocks opened and their stocks were WAY down. I bought into them since they were at a near all-time low. I waited a few days, it went lower. a few days later.. profit. I didn't make a ton of money, but I made a profit of about.. 1500. Hope this helps someone out a little!


    Good to see you came around, Nate. I knew we'd see you soon :D And I can't.. I'm not going to have xbl until at least Oct 1. Sorry bro!

    No worries. Give me a heads up when the gold is up and running. Hey Huck. It's going well. Cool to see you



    Will do! And Huck, UO doesn't have an operating computer at the moment.

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  5. Oh man, this is great. First 'random' page I got was "Herr Cutz Barber" It looks like it may integrate.. this page has a coupon.. and it says 'stalk' to receive it (it's a free haircut) could be handy. It'd be friggen' cool if it does!

  6. Right now I'm on Assassin's Creed Revelations and GTA4 on occasion. I'm not going to go gold til GTAO though.. and after I've moved homes, soon! You? I kind of wanted to pick up a newer CoD title.. but I know I'd get sucked into it again like I did with modern warfare 2.

  7. Yeah, that's very true. The lottery tax here generally goes towards higher education (wife has a scholarship through the 'lottery fund') so it's not a complete waste. The keeping of the car is worrisome as well.. even thinking about if I won it. I'd be paranoid, as my house is in a decent neighborhood but also close to a main road. I'd love to have it.. but at the end of the day, 180k + would pay for nearly everything that's going on in my life right now.

  8. Oh shit, so it IS an actual Dodge Viper. Very cool. I'm so glad my wife renewed my Game stop rewards card now. It's also awesome that they're putting in that extra 70k because yeah.. winning a car means paying all the taxes and stuff, nothing is free. I have the perfect place for it in my garage :D

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