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  1. TheTruth990

    favourite car?

    yardie lobo all the way
  2. TheTruth990

    Favourite Gang Car

    yardie lobo because of hydraulics
  3. TheTruth990

    What is your favourite gang in GTA III?

    Yakuza All the way!
  4. TheTruth990

    Favourite radio station?

    Game FM and Flashback
  5. TheTruth990

    Who Is This Mystery Man?

    claude was new to liberty city it was on gta wiki page gta.wikia.com/protaginist
  6. get a rocket launcher and go on the roof of a building and shoot the peds and cop cars and helicopters
  7. TheTruth990

    How can I open all areas?

    beat last requests for staunton and start (don't have to finish it) Grand theft aero for shoreside vale