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  1. Who would give you a -3?

  2. Your welcome. But that was from 3 years ago Lol.

  3. Well... just sayin but, I WAS HERE FIRST! *PUSH*

  4. LMAO You tried to come back... Thats so funny

  5. Woot I gots me a hotel! :D. added.

  6. your website makes me wanna commit suicide!

  7. Happy Burfday.. Sorry im a bit late lol.

  8. Yeaa another rap fan :P. I knew you would be cause your user is ODB. Hehe

  9. uhhh 666 posts? lol

  10. "Give me some comment and leave immediately." Will Do...

  11. haha nice avy lol

  12. Happy B-Day... you prob wont see this you been gone for awile :P

  13. 12 :P. Anyways... Im hoping for another member! lets hope we get active

  14. you just hate IV dont you? Every time you dont understand something you blame the game.

    Kinda ReTaRtEd

  15. lol jk. Nobody remembers u anymre.sorry tho my brotha

  16. Rip man. ur still remembered.

  17. Highwire

    He's Gone! He commited SUICIDE!:( R.I.P. V

  18. sup man havnt seen you around where the hell did you go?

  19. I just saw the comment you left. Fuck you im not taking shit anymore. I know you wont read this but still Fuck You

  20. You walk with a walker old man?

  21. Highwire

    No cause I know I am.

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