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    Criminal Rating

    Alright man, got this idea from the one in LCS, so why not have a Criminal Rating in the VCS section too. Well I've only been playing it for a while and my Criminal Rating is atm Thug.
  2. GTAPlayer


    So, is anyone here excited about the upcoming game Skate, developed by EA. Currently release date is TBA this year and it's coming both on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 system. So is anyone excited? I'm certainly am, looks like it's going to be a great skate game, well at least I hope. I'm also a little bit of a fan when it comes to the THPS-series, but it hasn't really been that good lately, THPS 2, 3 and 4 were maybe the only ones I truly enjoyed. So finally it looks like the THPS-series is getting some real competition you know. Here is some neat info about Skate:
  3. GTAPlayer

    New Simpsons Game Parodies GTA IV

    Haha... Yeah man, that's funny you know. Well I'm a big fan of The Simpsons and I'm looking forward to play their next game.
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    Grammar Game

  5. GTAPlayer

    What are you listening to right now?

    Dj Bobo - What About My Broken Heart... Ahh, fckn amazing.
  6. GTAPlayer

    Paris Hilton Get's Busted!

    Well she deserves the same punishment as other people and I think 45 days should do her some good you know.
  7. GTAPlayer

    Rush Hour 3

    Trailer seems great man, sure going to watch it someday, either I'll watch it on cinema or I'll buy the DVD. But isn't it on August 10th?
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    Grammar Game

  9. GTAPlayer

    Grammar Game

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    The Random Post Topic

    What a wonderful day...
  11. GTAPlayer

    Introduce Yourself..

    Huckleberry Pie, welcome to the forums man, relax and have a good time.
  12. GTAPlayer

    [REL] [BETA] 80s Andreas

    Nice work man! Yeah, I've always wanted to experience San Andreas in the 80s, perhaps SAS (San Andreas Stories) is going to take place in the 1980s. 1980s is the king, no doubt about it.
  13. GTAPlayer

    What would you do if...?

    Ha, oh man... Yeah well, I would relax, take it easy, grab a couple of eColas and just have a good time. And of course man, Vice City is the city of possibilities, so perhaps I could make a little fortune you know. And don't forget about the girls, ah, yeah baby. WWYDI you lived in Liberty City?
  14. Yeah sure man, there's games on the PS3 that can keep you satisfied for a long time, but the PS3 will get better games later, you can count on that.
  15. Well, right now the Xbox 360 has more interesting games IMO, but there are coming some great games on the PS3 aswell, like Metal Gear Solid 4, Tekken 6, L.A. Noire. I'm going for a PS3, it's just more interesting and all.
  16. GTAPlayer

    The Random Post Topic

    L.A. Noire
  17. GTAPlayer

    What are you currently playing?

    The Sims 2 is pretty enjoyable but gets boring in the long run, but it's just not the same on console you know. Right now I'm playing GoldenEye 007.
  18. GTAPlayer

    What would you do if...?

    Relax... Hopefully you're a good driver. WWYDI R* contacted you to come visiting them and play GTA IV.
  19. GTAPlayer

    The Random Post Topic

    Oh man... If I just could stop the time.
  20. GTAPlayer

    What would you do if...?

    I don't know man... WWYDI you won a brand new car?
  21. GTAPlayer

    Grammar Game

  22. GTAPlayer

    Introduce Yourself..

    All new members... Welcome. Have a nice stay, I hope you all will enjoy the forums.
  23. GTAPlayer

    What are you watching right now?

    Yeah man, right now I'm watching some shit on youtube.
  24. GTAPlayer

    Will it be on PC

    Yeah man, I think it's going to show up on PC, but if it shows up it'll probably happen in 2008 or something, perhaps summer 2008.