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    Yeah man, it's really up to EA now, it certainly looks amazing but the question is, will the gameplay and all be as good as the graphics? Well I certainly hope so, it seems like it has potential and could really give the THPS-series some real competition, so EA better not screw up you know. Now I'm really looking forward to the release date of this game.
  2. Maddog89, hey man and welcome to the forums, have a nice stay and relax.
  3. Well, I have no idea about this mod, I've never tried it, but it sounds fun, adding Vice City and Liberty City to San Andreas. Anyway man, when you have downloaded the file, just open the .rar file and you should see the .exe program, it launches automatically, just click away and you should have it installed you know. Edit: Forgot, you also need your Vice City install CD in your drive to make it work, and install the mod to the San Andreas directory where gta_sa.exe is located, yeah man, you can read how to install it in the readMe file, always good to read them, but I know, I don't read them myself that much either you know.
  4. Hey man, well changing the format of a picture isn't really that difficult you know, just go to Paint, located in the All Programs menu, then Accessories and open up Paint. In Paint, open the picture you want to edit, then go to save as, and choose save file as JPEG or something like that. And yeah man, you can't upload pictures bigger than the upload size, as far as I know, if you're having problems sending pictures it may be because you have too much attachments, you're allowed to use 5 MB, so to get rid of them just go to My Controls and Options, Manage Your Attachments.
  5. Well watching Back to the Future, hehe yeah man this one is a classic you know, pretty damn good.
  6. Hehe yeah man, GTA without hookers, that wouldnt' be good Well it's certainly going to be interesting to see where they move this level, I wasn't a big fan of the girlfriend thing but we'll see what happens.
  7. Hehe yeah man, I know, I'd also love to be able to ride the rollercoaster, when I first saw it I was hoping that you were able to ride it, but we'll see what R* has in mind. But when you think about it, GTA IV doesn't really seem to be that kind of game, riding rollercoasters, but it could in the other hand work great in a mission when you have to eliminate someone or something like that, riding while firing off the gun etc.
  8. When R* confirms they're not going to have any kids, then I believe that, so I'm 100% sure there is not going to be any kids in GTA IV, but of course, they could be in the cut scenes, but that's another thing. Yeah man, I'm surprised this topic is still in the action you know, R* has confirmed there will be no kids in the GTA-series so why still go on with the kids thing, but of course, not everyone knows that.
  9. Ahh hey man, sorry about that, I didn't mean the Vulcan Minigun that you can get, no I'm talking about the minigun in the military base, just fly to the minigun using the jetpack, use the minigun to shoot a helicopter, then you later go up on the platform to take the helicopter. The minigun at the military base is located near the helicopter. Edit: Yeah man, I think it's worth the effort, even if you hate flying... It can really save some trouble you know. And don't forget the armor.
  10. Well the truth is, they're not going to put any kids in GTA IV, R* has already confirmed that they're not going to have any kids in the GTA-series, ever. Now I'm not talking about kids in cut-scenes, now that's possible, and they've already showed us, remember the baby in VCS? Yeah man, so we will not be able to harm any kids in the GTA-series, and that is great man.
  11. Well, it's been a while since I played SA, and especially since I played this mission, I think I probably did the same way as you did, but I managed to pass by all the security guards and all, it's not easy you know but just keep on trying you know. I think there is an easier way to pass this mission. I think if you've beaten all the air strip missions then you get the jetpack, it will spawn up at the house you know in the airplane graveyard or whatever you call it, you know next to Las Venturas, so what I'm saying is, use the jetpack to go into the base, kill all soldiers and later you'll see a helicopter is trying to kill you, use the minigun to blow it up, later go up to the helicopter platform and take it. Good luck man.
  12. Well I don't know man, I'm not much of a cheater you know, but as far as I know, I've heard that there should be a Flying cheat so the vehicles can fly, but I don't know about the motorcycles you know, also I'm not sure about the nitro thing, but I think there should be a taxi nitro cheat that makes all taxis has nitro.
  13. Yeah man, that sounds like a great idea you know, I'd like that, real fresh. The classic GTAs would be great you know. And also be able to go to Internet Cafe's and play them doesn't sound like a bad idea.
  14. Hey man, why do you have to begin every word with a big letter? It makes it a little bit more annoying to read you know, don't take it personally, I'm just saying what I think. Anyway man, that's some crazy ideas you know. And yeah, I think the ladies is going to be able to hit you with a bag... But couldn't they do that in GTA III? I don't know man, it's been a while since I was in a fight with a lady in Liberty City.
  15. GTAPlayer


    So, is anyone here excited about the upcoming game Skate, developed by EA. Currently release date is TBA this year and it's coming both on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 system. So is anyone excited? I'm certainly am, looks like it's going to be a great skate game, well at least I hope. I'm also a little bit of a fan when it comes to the THPS-series, but it hasn't really been that good lately, THPS 2, 3 and 4 were maybe the only ones I truly enjoyed. So finally it looks like the THPS-series is getting some real competition you know. Here is some neat info about Skate:
  16. Well all I can say is that one cellphone is enough... Anyway man, that girlfriend thing, I didn't think it was going to happen, but yeah, looks like it's going to happen now. Well what can I say, it was pretty damn fun in GTA San Andreas, hehe well maybe a little bit frustrating at sometimes but it was OK I guess. The important is still of course, that you can pick up hookers in the middle of the night
  17. Well I'm playing Jak and Daxter atm, first game I got on the PS2 system. It's great man, classic. I can only imagine how Jak and Daxter on the PS3 would be like...
  18. On your first question, I don't know man, I don't play CSS, but if the servers allow to have mods then maybe you can play with mods installed. And your second question, I have no idea man. And on your last question, I think you just launch CSS, then you go to Play Online or something like that, Find Servers, you go to the Internet tab and you should have a lot of servers to choose from.
  19. GTAPlayer

    80 GB PS3?

    Yeah man, now IF I'm getting a PS3 then I'll certainly go for the 60 gig ver PS3 you know, and 60 gig... Man, that is pretty damn much. And then yeah man, if I need to upgrade, I can always buy a 100 gig Laptop HDD or more, I'm glad you have the option to upgrade the HDD on the PS3, too bad that it's just Laptop HDDs though.
  20. That sounds cool, but if I want to listen to other MP3 music while doing criminal activity I could as well turn on my stereo you know. Anyway man, did anyone appreciate having a video gaming system in CJ's home? I don't remember the game but I had some fun with it, would you want to have any classic in GTA IV? To me it really doesn't matter, but something would at least be something you know.
  21. Hey man, this is some old news but I heard God of War 3, which is going to be exclusive for PS3 is going to have the rumble feature? That sounds great man, looks like the Sixaxis controller is going to be updated then. You can read the full story here --> God of War 3 to Have Rumble, Run at 1080p
  22. GTAPlayer

    80 GB PS3?

    Well check out this website --> Laptop HDDs. It offers different laptop HDDs, so it depends if you're upgrading to 80 or 100 or something like that, but 100 seems like a good upgrade from 60, so it looks like it costs somewhere between 80-90$ or something like that.
  23. Hehe, funny man, yeah well you never know. He's getting old but when the movie is out we'll see if he still can deliver, know what I'm saying. Anyway man, here's a new trailer of Live Free or Die Hard, check it out, also I've updated the main post in this topic so you can watch it there. Enjoy!
  24. GTAPlayer

    80 GB PS3?

    Yeah man, it seems like Sony is planning on a more expensive 200 gig version of the PS3, coming in 2008 or something. I wouldn't pay more and get a 200 gig ver PS3, I'd go for the 60 gig ver and then later upgrade, if I need it of course.
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