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  1. 800MHz? Somehow I don't believe this. I mean I've seen videos of somebody making a NVIDIA 8600 with a 2.0GHz single processor make it run smoothly but with an old setup like that it just seems un-real.
  2. Is there a reason as to why I can't find the download? When I search rockstar games on the steam search bar all I get is a manhunt trailer. My country is set to United Kingdom. Maybe steam can detect what country I am presently in and will not show those games as they are banned, possibly? I'm in the UAE at the moment...
  3. Seeing as it's banned where I live, I might actually nab this offer. Cheers for the info Chris.
  4. All that information from wikipedia that you copied makes what I was going to say pretty pointless.. Well anyway, I knew it was the first gaming console to introduce online gameplay which was a plus on Sega's side, but that's about all I know. Question, why did it have a little display screen on the controller? What was it used for?
  5. Your in the restricted group because your posts consistently showed poor quality. Not just because you posted 'dick' in most of your posts.
  6. If you don't use it then why are you telling us it?
  7. If your all meeting up in one exact location I doubt you'll have much trouble finding each other. If you think it's going to be a problem you could always force Chris to hold up a sign saying "TGTAP Cool Crew Come Here". Not only will this make it easier to find each other, but you can also enjoy all the randoms giving Chris funny looks!
  8. A bit late in posting this but I un-pinned the console and the 'What are you currently playing?' topics as there was 6 pinned topics and it made the general gaming section look un-tidy and hides away the more recently made topics. I may pin them again if enough people request it. Remember to post any suggestions which you think could help make this section of the forum better in this topic if you have any!
  9. Mine is MattJP93, I'll probably only accept an actual phone call though if we do a TGTAP conversation.
  10. It's legal to smoke if your 16, but you have to be 18 to buy them yourself. Standing outside shops asking randoms to buy you fags FTW. Anyway I can't come because I'll be in Spain at that time. I'm not 18 either so it would be crap for me. If you guys do this then take pictures and post them here!
  11. I don't know how to do it myself but I found a step-by-step guide on how to change the colours. Hope this is what your looking for.
  12. Looks like you had a fun time so which one went home with you?
  13. Oh wow, that's actually really awesome. Good luck to you guys, seems to be going good so far.
  14. And that would rid the internet of whiny Hannah Montana fangirls and immature jerks. I feel sorry for Ray, he does contribute positively, only to be let down by what appears to be an apparent case of noobishness. He does it on purpose and that's why he is in the restricted group. If he thinks it's funny to fuck around then he needs to learn to be a more mature person. On a side note, this topic is getting bookmarked because it is just so lol-alicious.
  15. This has also happened to me a few times, but I click on the topic name. It only happens occasionally though.
  16. I un-pinned them as there was 6 pinned topics and it made the general gaming section just look un-tidy and hides away the more recently made topics. I prefer to keep the pinned topics so it's only got information on the section of the forum and other useful topics. I may pin them again in the future but for now I think it's better that they stay with all the the other topics.
  17. Listen little boy, what your saying is that it's ok for the US to have nuclear weapons because they are responsible with them but if any other country has them we should nuke them because they might nuke us for no apparent reason. I'm sorry, what? If any country was to launch a nuclear warhead at America then they would ultimately not care about their country being nuked as well because by the time that first nuke is launched, America will have every single one of their's going straight towards that country. That means that both country's would have been fucked and nobody wins or proves anything.
  18. He was put onto the restricted list because his posts showed poor quality and attitude. Once we notice that his posts have improved, he will be taken off the restricted list. Swearing is acceptable but when it is completely unnecessary and out of hand we will notify the member.
  19. Moved to General Gaming. As soon as we started getting 3D Sonic games I knew it was going to ruin the series, and it has. I mean, voice actors for a blue hedgehog? SEGA originals, that's where it's at.
  20. But are the other countries of the world to stand and watch thousands of people dying needlessly in Iraq every year? To make absolutely sure Saddam had no WMD's we needed to inspect for ourselves. While the news might not say much, the British troops have made tremendous progress in the Middle East and continue to make it a safer world for everyone.
  21. Congratulations! You can read a members group! Did you really have to announce that?
  22. If you haven't noticed, labour has completely abandoned their old policies. They now only nationalise if the country is in a recession (Northern Rock) whereas they use to push nationalisation and said it was the way to a healthy economy. If you ask me, Labour are starting to turn into the New Right Conservatives a lot when Thatcher was around. I can't comment on that so much though as I've only read about that by looking at old Conservative and Labour policies, I wasn't exactly alive around then..
  23. Welcome all new members! Hope you enjoy the site and remember to follow the forum rules.
  24. [quote name=Kara ' date='20 December 2009 - 01:07 PM' timestamp='1261303623' post='371229] Dude, I would love this feature! In the future please try to expand your post so it is more useful rather than just "I agree" and also refrain from posting in topics which have not been posted in recently, because you just bumped up a 4 year old topic. Locked.
  25. There's actually a lot of graphic mods for Vice City. Here are a list that I found: Better Blood Realistic Water Realistic Flames I couldn't find an ENB for Vice City but I did find one that does the exact same thing here. Keep in mind that if you download this mod you will not need the 3 above as it changes these.
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