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  1. Off-topic posts have been deleted. Stay on topic. If anyone ignores this and continues to go off topic then I will suspend you.
  2. Very, very close to a nuke. I have a feeling I'll get it soon...
  3. False, there is only 3. How many safehouses in the game have garages?
  4. B-Real gets my vote, however Ice Cube would probably be my second choice. Give a listen to Ice Cube's album 'Raw Footage', good stuff.
  5. TGTAP was down, I was having problems accessing it as well. It's nothing to do with your connection.
  6. I've already told you to check the last post date before posting in a topic AND about posting useless posts. Closed.
  7. AH! It's your birthday??? You never said anything! Happy Birthday man! Have a great one!

  8. I got it for my DS but I'm very tempted to buy it for my iPhone now. Maybe when I have a little bit of money aside.
  9. If you want to advertise your website then do it through your signature or your profile. Locked.
  10. Well of course they all are. I seriously doubt Microsoft or Nintendo would only spend the next 2 years developing their next console. Chances are they've been planning and developing it since they released their most recent console.
  11. We don't support illegal downloads, especially of GTA games. You will find no help for your problem here. Locked.
  12. The screenshots? They already are.... If you start to do things which harm this mod, the forum or its members, you will be suspended and if it still continues you will be permanently banned from this site. It is clear you are not welcome in this mod team, so back off.
  13. Yeah Spain's nice but I was there for a month and it started to drone on for a bit towards the end. Going again though in the summer so I'm looking forward to that. Well my PS3 got the YLOD because it over-heated, the YLOD can be because of a number of problems. It is primarily when the motherboard fails though which can, of course, happen in a multiple amount of ways. I probably wont get a PS3 for a while now, not because I don't want to but I just really need to focus on my exams and the Playstation is just another distraction.
  14. To be honest I think my PS3 died out on me because it over-heated. I was in Spain at the time during the summer and our house still didn't have air conditioning. After a big Fallout 3 sesh for 4 hours it just switched itself off and I felt the back and it was boiling. Such a shame
  15. Nissan GT-R. And yes, I liked this picture/car so much I decided to make a simple signature out of it
  16. Moved to General Gaming. Oh and some random game on my iPhone.
  17. Got Blue Tiger for MP5K today! Hurrah! Also started playing through the campaign again but on veteran this time.
  18. I un-pinned it because it didn't get posted in too much. Here it is though.
  19. Moved to the GTA IV modding section.
  20. Oh wow, that's good. Maybe I'll see if I can get a better time than my current one, I got it on my second try on Spec Ops so surely I can improve. I have 12 stars. I'm taking a break from the multiplayer at the moment so going to play the Spec Op missions more now. One thing which annoys me are the time set rounds (excluding the snow mobile levels), I hate them. I like to play the levels where I have as much time as I can get so rather than trying to do something in a certain amount of time I can try and beat my previous time.
  21. Multiplayer aside, what are your best times for The Pit? I just got 34.3 seconds which got me a 3 nice stars on Spec Ops
  22. Haha unlucky. How awesome does the alien spaceship explosion look.

    I miss playing online with you :(

  23. I voted DS. Why though? Are you doing some sort of survery?
  24. Actually Chris the only person who the lag affects is me, I can guarantee you that. My whole life I've played COD on 2 bar connections and you just learn to compensate for the lag. You don't know how often I get caught out because my upload speed is terrible so some of my bullets fired don't actually hit the enemy and I end up getting killed.
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