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  1. Yes it safe. You just need to get the save game on a USB and put it onto your PS3. I found a good list of a number of 100% save games here.
  2. I don't exactly get what you mean.. I put it there because it's on all the consoles and PC (except Wii).
  3. I'm getting 404 Error's on your links. Try copying them in again.
  4. I was going to do just a general handheld question too, but I don't have enough knowledge on the DS or PSP.
  5. Mpilk901

    Petition Rockstar!

    People have stripped apart the entire game's models and files on the PC version. That pretty much confirms that's there's no types of myth in San Andreas by it self. And if you've been searching for 5 years, then either it doesn't exist or your just really shit lookers. Just trying to prove a point, not trying to be rude.
  6. Hey hope you don't mind, I deleted your post from the game awards topic. Something went wrong with my topic and the poll got deleted so I thought I'd re-do the whole thing more like you said. I just wanted to start the topic of fresh. No offence was meant by it.

    I was going to write more but I can't PM you, like Noru. Maybe your inbox is full?

    Take care bud.

  7. After being influenced a little bit by the TGTAP 2009 Awards topic, I thought why not have a TGTAP 2009 Game Awards topic? The games listed above have been chosen as they have recieved the most public attention and they seem to be the most popular titles. Please note this is only for games which are currently out. If your choice isn't on the list or you haven't played those titles, then please vote for what you think is the best game out of the list. Have fun voting!
  8. I don't like using 2nd accounts to get used to the game, I play it on my normal account and if my K/D ratio gets affected because of that? Oh well don't care. I don't like making my stats innacurate.
  9. Unfortunetaly the downloadable content for GTAIV such as The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony are exclusive to the Xbox 360. I have the same problem as well as I own a PS3. The first one is just 'GTAIV' which you buy in disc format from gaming shops. There's a cheat for the 'FIB Buffalo' which is the FBI police car. If you want a list of all the cheats then you can find them in the link below. http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps3/code/933036.html
  10. I never camp. Give me a sub-machine gun and I'll just run around running'n'gunning. Same when I use a Sniper, but I keep a little more distance. Also Quick-Scopes are the way forward, No-Scopes are just chance.
  11. I think Gerard wants to see how the new forum boss system is working at the moment before deciding to appoint new bosses.
  12. You don't play as CJ, you play as the hobo. This would be nicer to read if it wasn't all in caps lock. So your character is a hobo? No thanks. Also I find it strange how CJ just let's your character tag along with him, I mean sure you just saved his life but I doubt CJ would just let some hobo come back to grove street with him. How come after their houses are set on fire they go to mount chilliad for 6 months? I doubt CJ, Ryder etc would go hide like little girls, also why would they take the hobo with them? Just doesn't seem like a potential story line to me.
  13. I finished the campaign at a friends house this weekend and I think it was fantastic. Got a few games on online going as well and I can tell that I'd be obsessed with it.
  14. We do not support the use of pirated software. Locked.
  15. Now I live in the UK that would be good. Would have to be sometime during a holiday though. Maybe just go out for a meal and something else?
  16. Did you take it from the dead guy who was in status? If you did and then dropped it somewhere then *facepalm*

  17. Aaaaaah! Oh my god I really want to play this! They have the Steyr Aug, the SA80 LSW (it has 100 round mag size in the game though which is dumb because it's acually fed from a 30 round magazine...). Such awesome guns, can't believe I'm missing out on it.
  18. December the 15th mate, were going deep and were going hard.
  19. Small change here, I've changed the topic title for the official Wii discussion topic to 'Official Nintendo Discussion'. I have also re-named the PS3 topic to 'Official Playstation Discussion' and the Xbox live topic to 'Official Xbox Discussion'. This way the three topics look more organised in the pinned section and it also means that discussion for any Nintendo, Playstation or Xbox related products can be discussed in these. If anybody has any complaints then please PM me.
  20. I've changed the topic title to 'Official Nintendo Discussion'. I have also re-named the PS3 topic to 'Official Playstation Discussion' and the Xbox live topic to 'Official Xbox Discussion'. This way the three topics look more organised in the pinned section. If anybody has any complaints then please PM me.
  21. If people want it then I'm going to change each of the console topics to just general Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo threads. Because it is clear that more than that console is being discussed in those topics. Opinions? Also what recent or upcoming releases are around for the Wii at the moment? I haven't touched mine in yonks.
  22. From this entire topic, has anyone actually ever organised a game session with anyone? Just curious.
  23. Old topic which has gone off topic. Lock.
  24. Yeah I'm not bothered to go on to do my A2 levels. Just want to get my AS ones out of the way and then get a job or something.

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