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  1. i thing bikes are going. sucks but wutever.

    You think so? They must be staying. They will lift off the old ban or something because I mean if they don't then rockstar are going backwards. I don't care if you guys think I'm being harsh to R* because they were playing with all the graphics and re-doing a whole city and stuff but I mean there a huge smart company and they really do need these things.

  2. Why have the cheat without an actual obtainable jet pack in the game? But then that's unrealistic, and Rockstar doesn't want that, and neither do most of you.

    No, I meant have the jetpack IN the game so it's like obtainable. But I doubt it will happen.

    Imagine if you had a parachute and a mountain bike with the 100x bunny hop cheat, jump from skyscraper to skyscraper :P.

  3. I think i can sya with confidence you are a nob.

    We can cheat in SA, according to your opinion, but not the 'stories' series. Backwards logic club. Signup here...

    What? I never said you couldn't cheat in lcs or vcs, I meant the cheats were boring if imagine you got bored after playing the whole game. They could of atleast included the old flying car cheat.

    I went through all the GTA games without cheats and only used them when i had finished the game, but back on topic.

    They should have the jetpack in the game, I mean they only had it San Andreas. Also seeing as they have helicopters and no planes, it's very likely there will be more new helicopters.

  4. Never change that man, never change a concept that already works unless you're sure you can do it better. Searching in every damn pockets sounds a little bit frustrating and I am pretty damn sure it's not going to happen. I just want to have it like it was before, that keeps the GTA feel and everything. But yeah man, they could improve some stuff, I'd like if you could rob pedestrians on the streets, you just point a gun at them and they give you the money or something, but remember, someday you could point a gun towards someone very dangerous and all.

    I agree with you on that, why did they get rid of that option (robbing shops) after vice?

    Like you could rob a shop and there would be cop cars everywhere outside. Fun fun fun

    Off-Topic: GTAPlayer you say 'man' alot I just noticed.

  5. I'd expect in a few years the PSthree. Y'know, a smaller version of the console. They've done it with both the PS and PS2, so I'd assume they'd do the same.

    I said the same thing on another topic, like it still has blu-ray and all just graphics are toned down a bit and some other things like that. PS3 Diet :)

    PS: How much is the average price for the PS3 in dollars? (american dollars)

  6. And pedestrians don't drop money when they die, you need to search it from their pockets so it would make getting money bit harder.

    I'm sorry but that sounds like the peak of gayness. They have a little level where you see the insides of there pockets and you need to use a mini torch and search through the depths of their pockets and then glory at last! 25 DOLLARS!

  7. To be honest I think this topic is pointless. It's already been confirmed it's Niko anyway.

    it would be an even neater trick if they tricked us and made it look like niko died. and then wed be like AW damn, the noobs were right. and then roman dies and then nikos MOM COMES BACK TO LIFE AND YOU PLAY HER AS THE MAIN CHARACTER!

    Haha funny shit :D

    Edit: Oh and Ottae, welcome to the forums.

  8. Hacking is used in SC Double agent with the Sixaxis but it will be hard for R* to do something really different with the SIXAXIS, maybe they could use it for hydraulics in the game but Im not sure, they'll think of something.

    How would they be used for hydraulics?

    Oh, while I'm asking about six axis.. Is it actually any good for racing games? Couldn't they have an option in the menu to turn it off for cars or something?

  9. And the more money you have saved up the more gang cars you can buy like you start of with 3 or something and can get more improving your gangs strength. You should also be able to pick what car you want and customise its look like at some transfenders shop and use that as your gang car.

    Now that would be cool :)

  10. I don't have to SHOW that I know what I'm talking about. KNOWING good work and being able to PRODUCE it are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. I can tell someone my opinion without having ever done what I'm criticizing. On top of that, you don't have to "know" anything to know whether you THINK something looks good or not. I, also, have been using Photoshop for ages and it honestly looks like he simply distorted the logos and then made them look transparent, can't exactly name an exact method but it isn't hard no matter how you go about it. Sorry, but I HATE when people are all, "You can't say anything bad about someone else's work unless you show something you've done better!!!". It's retarded.

    Most people here know I like working with photo manipulation, I don't really have to prove myself. But, if I have to have work to make any comments that aren't complimenting on someone else's work, then I'll make something when I get home.

    Yeh maybe, I could do the same aswell but he came up with an idea which was really cool and fun to do aswell. People don't need to get so stressy and go all "you can see a bit of the logo sticking outof the edge" or something like that. So what? It looks pretty cool and doesn't matter if its easy to do or what. He even says he got bored so he decided to do it in some spare time.

    Lets get back on topic and make our own!

  11. This is very big info!

    And one question: Will GTA4 will be able to play on PC?

    Hasn't been confirmed yet, only for the PS3 and X360. If it does I think you would be able to change quality like low, medium and high for like not as powerful computers. I mean people said Command & Conquer 3 wouldn't be able to play on mine because it was out of date, old and had a very bad graphics card, but I installed it and it worked fine on low quality and it doesn't look that bad. (Bit off-topic there...)

    Argh it's so hard to believe in doesn't come out for like another 6 months, I can't wait. I'd pre-order but I live in the Middle East.

  12. Yeh, I mean they hade side missions (taxi, firefighter etc) so you could earn extra money but they were just so pointless besides getting the extras. They should have it so after you've completed the game you still need to do other missions to get more money.

    And about the car idea, it was good in VCS because you could get bulletproof cars or very rare cars or only ones you could buy from that area.

    They need to bring back the Hellebanch GT from LCS.

  13. Well I like the fact that it goes more for the NYC feel, it's gonna be nice visiting Liberty City again, but now with more NYC screaming to it and all, certainly looking forward to it

    I still don't get why they would go back to liberty city for the fourth time (I think it's the 4th atleast). I mean yeah it's alot bigger and all but half of that is likely to be LC. Its also smaller than SA..

    I think they wasted too much space on pointless things like when you walk the rocks like get kicked by your feet or something like that. But I suppose as long as they have a nice Multiplayer and good gameplay after the missions then it should be good.

  14. Either way I want this game to keep me amused long after I complete the main story line. Oh and get rid of that stupid eating thing....what is the point... however looking at the trailer it looks like it's here to stay

    What eating thing?!?

    You have some good points and also welcome to the forums.

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