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  1. Wait- let's emphasize on that a little.... besides there being no planes, they say it's *just* a city.... does that mean no FORESTS, either?!?! One of my favorite features in San andreas is that it had places like Back o' Beyond and the hidden trails in the forests, you're telling me they're just going to cancel out that whole feature alltogether??! I mean yeah I love new york city just as much as the next guy, I LIVE here, but jesus I don't need a game that features just the city itself, hell all I have to do is just walk outside. I play GTA to "go other places", and to "get out there", among other things.

    I replied to something similar like this in another thread. Thats why I didn't like LCS or VCS. They were boring! No fun forests! I mean when are Rockstar going to Make up a new city again? This is the 3rd time we've revisited LC and frankly I don't give a crap if it's "bigger".


    Yes but there's great ideas for the upside if it may just be a city. Like:

    -The WHOLE city

    -Walk through every building

    -More "interactiveness" in what we have (considering what space there is with the PS3 and 360.)

    Seriously, is this really necessary? (Highlighted in bold)

    Its just a huge waste of disc space and pointless, much like VCS. You could walk into a building and what, smash a drink fridge? "Ooh fun..."

    It is really pointless, I mean I can understand some buildings like erm the statue of liberty or something, But not every building.. Get what I'm trying to say here?

    Off-Topic: I just noticed that I'm getting a bit too aggressive on this site, *Apologies!*

    I think I'm turning into Spaz :P (Joking it's just you get in huge fights with users)

  2. I loved the infernus in LCS it looked more like a sports car than in VC.

    Yeh I was thinking the same thing, do you think it will be in IV or have a new look?

    And any guesses on what some of the old cars we will be seeing again? And what some of the new ones should be like?

    Edit: Oh and I hated the look of the stinger in LC/LCS, it needs to be changed.

  3. what i meant was what do you think some of the new features are likely to be. and by no aliens or transformers in the ideas, i meant.......well.....no aliens or transformers in the ideas! this is about guessing. logical guessing of course, with no sifi.

    an idea i think will be in the game is instruments. like a guitar. complete with a minigame similar to the dance minigame. might happen?

    -First of all, nice topic, yet its still a bit dry..

    -And I think they need to have it so your 'homies' (Whatever you want to call them) can drive a pickup and you can stand in the back shooting peds/opposing gangs because they only use to have that option on certain missions.

    -Also I'm thinking they may have an option where you can replay a mission you've previously done in the game so its like an afterplay feature but I'm not too sure on that one because maybe the storyline aint right or something. Because haven't you wanted to re-do a mission but you cant because you've passed it? I know I have atleast...


  4. So when a race is on and they leave a spare car in say an open truck round the back....then you can drive it off then! it would be a rarety! (and after all, I thought you didn't want too much realism ;))

    Yup, he's got you there Spaz.

    Off-Topic: Oh yeh and why did they get rid of the racing cars after SA? They don't have the race track in VC anymore aswell, you can't do fun side missions :(

  5. Rockstar would be making a huge mistake if they did. "It's just a city", so what? They still need planes! Vice CITY, it clarifies that it was also a city and it's the same with Liberty City.

    Rockstar don't be gay.

  6. You have to be kidding me, a city caked in history, rich in architecture spanning decades, a multiculratal city with all its problems, an underground network, some areas of london that you just dont go too. A monarchy! Gangs, thugs theives, murderers, sex trafficers, pedophilles, mobs. A city on par with NY.

    Exactly, London has loads of crime and drug usage etc. And next time don't triple post.

  7. Hey I like your constant ideas but I have some negative sides to some of them, I've put them in Bold.

    I'd love to see more funny vehicles as well: (Me Too :D)

    in addition to those in SA...

    - Skateboards I don't think that would be good because I mean its ok seeing like take for example, CJ on a bike but if you saw him on a skateboard? Na, sorry but I think it would be stupid.

    - Shopping carts in mall parking lots Sounds fun! But all you would really do is push. But maybe you could recruit a gang member and he could push you around and you could shoot people :P.

    - A go-karting track with plenty go-karts to steal, and you have to start it properly (ie: pull the cord that starts it THEN get in and go) I like the go-kart idea but how would you pull the cord?

    - Quad bikes Fun, fun, fun! But you shouldn't fall off when you go upside down so you can do backflips. Same with bikes.

    etc etc

    Also, I think it'd be good if in the older cars, when you get in it takes a little bit of time to get it going if the engine isn't already running, or if sometimes it randomly stalls and like has black smoke coming out of the exhaust and breaks down sometimes! Yeh that would be really cool, agree with you 100% on that :)

  8. A hippie station!

    Every time they make a new game they have one radio station which is like a funny station (Espantoso, Double Cleff, Radio Del Mundo, K-Rose etc) and this time they could have a old guy on a station who thinks its the 60's and is a bit of a freak and likes all that world peace music etc. What do you think? I mean it's something new and it sounds fun :P

    Oh and play have a good rock station like V Rock (L Rock :D), because head radio was crap. They could play metallica or iron maiden because they both just made new albums like in late 2006 etc. And a large range of music, I got bored of a station listening to a good track then hearing it 4 minutes later.

  9. Argh I'm really jealous I don't have San Andreas for PC. I mean I want to play the game again (My PS2 broke :() but then I want to mod it a little and have some fun.

    I know I've never modded before but it does make the game fun, you get new cars, new weapons and etc.

    Can't wait till I get it.

  10. chrisrob, chill out, you post in the right sections and be done with it, it's a community not a tax office.

    CroScorpion, f*** YOU. Sorry I had to say that first. Why in the world would you want to see the twin towers destroyed?!?!?! sick S.O.B.

    chrisrob again, no, the towers won't be in the game. The game is set in 2006/2007, so why on earth would they be? They weren't even in GTA3 were they? (can't remember seeing them)

    Oh yeh I meant to mention that as well. It would be really messed up if you had the twin towers again and they got destroyed, its just sick and stupid.

  11. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer why does it bother u oh no i put it in the wrong place oh dear whats going to happen never mined get over it im sure there much more impotant things going on in the world dont u think and like i said i dont care if im banned i will just have to have a good cry lol yea right

    First of all your making an idiot of yourself and I'm laughing at you right now.

    Secondly, what the hell is "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerr"?

    And last of all you are going to get banned (Hint, hint Chris ;)) and stop acting as if you "Don't Care". If you didn't care why would you join the site? Your not hardcore nor are you cool, get off the site before we kick YOU off it.

  12. Exactly, for example:

    Wouldn't you just hate it if in GTA you died after 1 or 2 shots of a pistol? GTA is great because it isn't real. In real life you can't just run round shooting people then get out of jail in 4 hours or so. And also you can never die! There is NO game over which makes it funner than some other games!

    Of course it has to have quite a bit of realism but it needs have its own kind of realism, you know what I'm saying?

  13. well for that solution i was thinking that you could actually do it, you'd be able to harm an animal but what would happen is .. .if you've played gears of war, when you die a red screen appears with like a creepy looking skull and bones, so everytime you manage to make contact with animal a screen like this appears so that you know your doing wrong and that it isn't advisable, but the animal would automatically run away so it would be pretty much impossible to get them again. all these anaimals could also be protected, so if you were to harm an animal you automatically got a wanted level, but it wasn't the police that came after, i dont know what there called but those officers that patrol the country parks etc.

    Hmm I don't know. It doesn't sound like rockstar's 'thing'...

    I think you could go bird shooting which would make a fun mini game but I don't think they would have deers or bears you know..

    And like also i would like VCPR to come back, just call it LCPR (Liberty City Public Radio) and also you can have Chatterbox, just have 2 talk stations like in GTA: VC, and of course a Jazz Station.

    Yeh a jazz station would be cool, even though I'm not into that kind of music, I would still listen to it after I've gotten bored of the other ones.

  14. Yeah man, that sounds pretty good Mpilk. As we already know, in the past GTAs the cops didn't do anything when you passed red light, so do you guys still want that feature? I know man, if you want it more realistic it should be added, but sometimes it's better to leave things the way they are, know what I'm saying, too realistic is not always a better option. And how many times do you pass red light in GTA? Hehe, yeah man, exactly. I think they still should have it that way you know

    Yeh it would suck if they had that, lets just hope the chases are cool :P

  15. Police spawning to. If your on mount Chilliad you suddenly see police cars comming at ya. A chopper, ok. But how the effin hell should those cars be able to come on that mountain. It just spawns. They should improve that deffo. Also you should have the ability to sit on a bench, or just sit the regain a little strength. And you should be able to lie down, if you do that in gras the police actually can't see you. Again that is improving AI. In San An, even on the most stealthy attack, somehow police knows it's you. Now, if you kill someone tactically police actually should be looking around and searching instead of magically knowing it's you and where you are hiding.

    Very nicely said but also the cops should be smarter aswell because in VCS they were so stupid. There only good form of attacking was running a tank into you and those FBI road blocks. But if your driving fast and there is no road blocks then the cops will drive up to you then swerve into a tree or smash into each other which ruins a really cool police chase. They should be like the cops in NFS MW (Most Wanted). They had many forms of stopping you like surrounding you with cop cars then they all brake and you get stuck. Also you should be able to destroy stuff (Watter tanks etc) to destroy following cop cars.

    Who else agrees?

  16. what the hell are you talking about? i said in the previous post that i really love the character! read all the post first, then get mad!

    what i say about that he's going to be one hell of a character, i mean it in a good way

    you just don't entirely understand what i'm saying there

    No no no, I mean I was agreeing with you and saying how I don't understand WHY people don't like him. Sorry if you got the wrong idea and sorry to the forums because this post was very late to reply to the quote.

    yeah that's true i guess it doesn't matter what he looks like he could be a giant and still be able to stunt

    Exactly, I mean obviously there going to have weight and muscle stamina bars because then you can vary your characters looks as well as adding clothes etc.

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