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  1. I've been doing some script mods (weapons, vehichles, etc.) & have Robo-Hacked a lot of text files (Handling.cfg, Shopping.dat, Cargrp.dat,.... I'm still figuring a lot of this out, but I can see what I can do for you.
  2. The models in the game are actually called from the IPL (Item Placement List) filesin the MAPS sub-folder of the DATA folder. You can edit these w/ any text editor. Look in Downloads section under tools for PLAYER POSITION & CO-ORDS tools. Step 1- BACK UP ALL FILES YOU PLAN TO EDIT!!! Install the tools listed above. Look for things like "f***edcar" (Rockstar's name), Trees & the like. Pick the item you want to remove & put # at the beginning of the line. Before closing the IPL file, open the player position tool & copy the XYZ co-ords & save them, then close or save the IPL file (leave player position tool open). Start the game. When you see CJ, pause & hit the "Windows" key (bottom left between "Ctrl" & Alt". Click the "Transport" botton on the player position tool, resume the game & check your results. Good Luck.
  3. Any chance of a '96 Geo Tracker 4-door? Would love that as a replacement for Landstalker.
  4. Look around the Download section for them, some of them are available. Alternately, you could try another re-install,but this time move, delete or rename the old DATA folder before you do. I think it's something in Windows that won't overwrite existing files. Good luck.
  5. Huck- Your Strawberry Shortcake picture is a demented cry for help, Can I use it my mod? Today was pretty okay but have made it even better!!!
  6. I am looking for code segments to build GTASA OUTLAW Spec. Specificaly I am interested in- Opening entire map from beginning. All properties for sale at beginning. All modshops open. Street races. New missions. Ra-arranging the order of the missions. Bigger Garages. I have weapon & vehichle placement down + all stores open. My beta plays solid (tested to "Doberman").
  7. You need to add a line in the GXT file for your game. STEP 1 -- BACK UP any files you edit before you open them. If SA works anything like Vice City, you net a SA GXT editor, add the line & name it (IE MYWHEEL1). I think this it's called from the file SHOPPING.DAT in the data folder. If it shows up in the modshop then you should be familiar w/ it. Find the line where you added the wheel & add MYWHEEL1 I have not messed w/ SA GXT much yet but this should put you on the right track. Good Luck.
  8. Handling.cfg defines the handling of the cars in the game. I'm thinking you would also need a script mod to set a control to make him do this, like the carspawn feature of several trainers.
  9. Would love to see posting of script code for this.
  10. If anyone is still interested, I used the Super Mario Glitch (PS2 Version) Start at the army base & go left when you leave, follow the road where it goes right & at the T intersection, take a left. you'll come to another T intersection w/ a dirt pile to your left (it has a bribe on top of it). Stand on top facing East & jump on to the exposed pipe in the hole. This usually takes several attempts, but should put you on the Golf Course. You're stuck on foot, but there's a heli on the roof of Washington PD & decent weapons to be had. Good Luck.
  11. Today was a pleasant suprise, the glitch cleared its self!!! I was testing my own mod when I got to the mission "Nines & AKs" wondering if it would even work when the glitch was gone. Not sure why, but now the manual aim & target lock work like they're supposed to, so be watching for the outlaw script mod in the near future. Possibly, this was corrected by the coding for the mission "Nines & AKs", but whatever the cause, it made my day. For those interested, so far I have stocked the LSPD/Dilimore stations w/ LOTS of weapons (Evidence Room, Police Arsenal & SWAT Locker), put a Police Bike in front of LSPD, put Police Bike, Quad, Sanchez (both B&W), Enforcer & FBI Rancher @ Dilimore & stocked the National Gaurd Depot w/ vehichles & weapons. you also find a Maverick behind CJ's house in Ganton & on top of the TV Studio in LS. Further details will be posted in the appropriate thread as they develop.
  12. Actually, that's the one thing I hate about the GTA series. I want open access to the entire map/city. The first mod I did to my GTA games (PC versions) was to alter the mass of roadblocks so I could kick them out of the way & find all of the hidden packages & side work. Then in SA you get someone who could swim, but got that automatic 4-star warrant. The next buzzkill will be no Mavericks, they just RULE!
  13. Clarification - I am targeting something ahead of me (it shows for a split second), the point of view just swings around to a profile. Also, the sniper rifle & camera seem to work okay & I haven't tried setting the controls to mouse & keyboard, just the PS2 style gamepad. Thanks anyway. PS - nice hardware in your pic
  14. I finally figured out how to use BW's Mission Editor & have some success, SAPD HQ now has a well stocked evidence room, police arsenel & SWAT locker. The National Gaurd Depot (Robbing Uncle Sam) now has military vehichles & weapons & the Sheriff's station in Dilimore has added vehichles. the problem I have (& have seen this in every script mod I've tried) is CJ's view is altered when you target someone/thing. I press the target control & instead of looking at my target, I get a profile of CJ. If I try manual targeting, I get a profile of CJ pointing at his feet. ??????? Is this just my machine or a glitch from editing the MAIN.SCR? Is there a way to correct this? Any help appreciated.
  15. I fixed this by editing the file CARGRP.DAT in the DATA folder of San Andreas Here is a chunk from that file for an example -- majestic, tahoma, pheonix, supergt, bfinject, quad # Gang 1 (BALLAS - BLACK) greenwoo, savanna, voodoo, pheonix, fcr900, comet # Gang 2 (FAMILIES - PLAYER - BLACK) oceanic, tornado, hermes, pheonix washing, sabre, patriot, bandito, hustler # Gang 3 (LSV - MEX) sabre, stallion, blade, pheonix, fcr900, slamvan # Gang 4 (SFR - MEX) buccanee, manana, tampa, pheonix, pcj600, blistac # Gang 5 (DNB - VIETS) sentinel, admiral, feltzer, turismo, bullet, uranus, jester, huntley, zr350 # Gang 6 (ITALIAN MAFIA) sultan, stratum, elegy, pheonix, huntley, zr350, hustler # Gang 7 (TRIAD) hermes, broadway, glendale, buccanee, slamvan # Gang 8 (VLA - MEX) sentinel # Gang 9 (UNUSED) sentinel # Gang 10 (UNUSED) Note that I've add several cars to each gang. The file VEHICHLES.IDE sets how often the cars spawn in traffic (as stated above). The best part is this Does NOT corrupt your save files, hope it helps.
  16. Patrick W made the "Marina Carpark" mod for Vice City, (so far the best mod I've seen for any of them) that stored up to 40 cars. To date that garage has yet to loose a single car, whereas the other garages are horribly unreliable & loose cars constantly even though I haven't overfilled them. I would love to see this adapted to SA, am working on my own script mod & could really use this bit of code.
  17. "Life's a Beach" (PS2 or PC) -- I have carpal tunnel. The Zero mission "Supply Lines" (PS2) *^%#% GAS GAUGE!!! On the PC version they appearently fixed it & I passed it the first time
  18. 1996 Geo tracker (4-Door) Anyone laughing never owned one. Loki (my Tracker) can go anywhere my 92 F-150 can & get just as stuck!! But instead of a huge tow bill, I just need 3 large dogs to get out. Am also looking for a modded Maverick. Working name Seahorse, this would be a GTA Maverick w/ pontoons & Machine gun like a Sea Sparrow but as a 4 seat chopper.
  19. I thought the Empire properties should have had garages. Also, they could have done a better job with spawning peds, especialy on rampages. When driving, your targets spawn to close & you end up passing them before you could get a shot off. Other than that I like it. P.S. I 'm on PS2.
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