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GTA IV to be moddible?

Moddiblity in GTA IV  

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  1. 1. Do you reckon GTA IV to be moddible?

    • Yes, GTA will be the easy to mod game that we are used to
    • Yes, but it won't be as easy as it used to be
    • No, I don't think an average modder could be able to mod GTA IV
  2. 2. Will the style of GTA (the files like the .txd's and the main.scm) have changed?

    • Yes, a full new game with a full new approuch
    • No, Rockstar will keep it how it was. Why would they change it?
  3. 3. If possible, would you mod GTA?

    • Yes, I'll mod it and make the game even better!
    • Yes, I hate the standard cars in GTA.
    • No, GTA IV has good graphics and moddels how it is.

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I think there should be 2 versions of the game... Or 2 disks in one pack. So one is for modding and one is for playing normally...


That would be entirely pointless. You can't mod a game on a DISK. Especially one you can't recreate.

Most the people against modding are against it for some stupid reason like Hot Coffee((which wasn't the modding community's fault)), or "the game should be played unmodded!!!" They can't make a "moddible disk" of GTA.

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Spaz, leave him alone, he's obviously just a kid! ;)

kid, aka RADION, that would never happen.

Now for anybody else: the PS2 never featured moddable games in any way (as far as I'm aware - ie: a quick google search won't find anything on it), so forget about it on console. We will be able to download EPISODIC content on at least the X360, in other words extra missions and storyline. If they give us anything else on the consoles, it would be a miracle.

Modding the game will come probably a year after the console release, when it is released on PC.

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