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San Andreas Hybrid Mod


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Im hoping to develop a Hybrid Mod for san andreas. wut this mod will do is when the car goes below 20MPh the electric engine will power the car. any faster then 20MPh then the gas/diesel engine will power the car. If any one can help me with this mod plz post!

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Like gerard said, you need a scope, of what you hope to change for this mod, you need to know what your editing, where the files are, what they're called, something to edit them. You're in at the deep end IMHO. And you'll need something like a fuel gauge, otherwise you'll not notice, then all your hard work will have gone to waste.. And you probably need at least an intro to scripting, before you go messing with files...

UI though gerard would say this, but he didnt so... DONT FORGET TO BACKUP! :D

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hey i guess you could ask some modder that has a good hybrid type car (insight, prius, whatever) if you could use his mod for your mod and then credit him a bunch on pictures and readmes and stuff, then do your little hybrid mod for the car that it is modding, then use it on some mod sites as a bundle. Call it the "hybrid conversion car mod" or something like that, just to make it more realistic. you will also need to change the speeds and gear ratios for this if you want it to be alot more realistic and actually matter, because i almost never drive cars under 20 mph in gta. And it might be better to make it under 35 mph.

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