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Is the Random Post Topic Pin-worty?


Random Post Topic  

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  1. 1. Should it be pinned?

    • Yes
    • No
    • What the hell is the Random Post Topic?!

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What's up with these topics today? If they were pin worthy, we'd pin them. Simple.

Well, i think that a Topic that has 70 pages, AND is the most active topic in the Fun and Games and is probably the most popular topic at TGTAP should be pinned, but thats my opinion.

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So now members opinions are bullsh't, huh?

Look, I just said if it was worthy of pinning it would be up.. all the staff have their own opinions, and so do the members. I just said I don't think it is, therfore I'm not pinning it. If someone else wants to come along and do it, fine by me. Don't care.

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you started a topic about a topic.......it wasnt even an important part about the topic. i think you need a break from the computer. are you on summer break yet?

sure it should be pinned. but is it worth making a new topic and asking...................

EDIT: wow! your asking if it should be pinned and you the one who made it close! your just rubbing it in! and then you started a new one?! Sicko!! :weird:

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