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best rivals?

Best rivals?  

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  1. 1. who are the best rivals in club football? what was the best match played between them?

    • real madrid & barcelona
    • arsenal & tottenham
    • arsenal & manu
    • chelsea & manu
    • ac milan & inter
    • lyon & lille
    • celtic & rangers
    • others (mention them)

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El Clasico : Real Madrid - FC Barcelona

This is a galactic war, no other rivals will ever beat this duo ... Worldwide at LEAST 1 billion people watch it

Can something/someone else beat this ?

Also the best match was probably in winter 2005, Barca won 3-0 ( match was played on Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid ) , the Real Madrid suporter praised Barca for this win ...

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I picked 3 - Real Madrid and Barcelona, because they are both legendary clubs with legendary players and have a fanatical fan base, Arsenal and Man U, because the battles they've had over the years have been fantastic, especially Keane vs Vieira, and I picked Celtic vs Rangers as my 3rd and last choice because there's an obvious divide between Catholics and Protestants.

Man U and Chelsea isn't really a rivalry, Chelsea have only had success in the last 3-4 years and no real history, whereas Man U have won far more than Chelsea and have a long and glorious history which Chelsea can't compare to.

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