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Game Problem


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Hello Everyone!

First and foremost, everything works perfectly on my desktop computer.

I have Vice City, and im having some trouble.

I downloaded the GTA Vice Ultimate Trainer made by LithJoe a few days ago, after installing VC on my Windows Vista laptop.

I only use it for the garage editor. Anyways, in order to use the garage editor, you need to load up your save file, and then Alt + Tab out of the game, to the program, and then edit the garage.

On my desktop computer (Win XP), I edit the garage, Alt + Tab back to the game, and it takes me to the Pause menu.

I can then simply goto the selected garage and get my new car.

With my laptop however, when I Alt + Tab back, I come to the Pause Menu, and hit resume... poof.

I get a black screen, and I cant Alt + TAb out of the game. I have to use Ctrl Alt Del and select the task manager, then kill the gta-vc.exe process.

I dont know why it does this. I even tryed using it in compatability mode for XP, and it doesnt do anything. I tryed setting my vista settings to classical, and nada.

I have tryed numorous other things/remedys but nothing seems to work.

Any help here would be very helpful.

Sorry if I didnt format this properly, but im in a hotel room with a head ache.

Thanks in advance,


PS. The game works fine otherwhys. I know some people have been having GFX problems with Vista, but its good for me.

EDIT: Ill read (if)any replys in about an hour or two. Im bored, so Ill play it as-is for a while.

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Vista is still new & it's probably a compatibility issue w/ the trainer.

Your best bet is to see if LithJoe has a Vista Version.

Try looking for similar topics in the VC Modding forum.

Okay, thank you!

First Step:


Trust me, if there was a version of this game that runs on any distro of Linux, I would! ^_^

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I dont know why the hell I didnt try this before :lol:

What I normally do on my desktop comp. is just ALT + TAB out of the game while still playing it. It works on the desktop, with XP but not on my Laptop with Vista (yes I know it sucks so stfu already :rolleyes: ). I just tried pausing the game first, then ALT +TABing to the garage editor...

Works Perfectly <_<


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