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GTA2 available for download


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You are probably all aware that quite some time ago Rockstar made the original GTA optimized and downloadable from their website, well now they have done it with GTA2. That's right, more details below.

Yes, GTA2. The 2nd proper installment in the Grand Theft Auto lineage, originally released in 1999. The one that introduced the concept of multiple rival gangs vying for your attention and criminal work-for-hire.

The Yakuza, Scientists, Looneys, Rednecks, Zaibatsu, Russian mob and Hare Krishnas. Gouranga!

This late 20th century top-down classic is now available to you all in the form of a 350MB downloadable .zip, courtesy of Rockstar Games.

So this is your Christmas present from Rockstar Games. Head on over to the Rockstar Classics page and fill in the form and follow the instructions in order to download it, I will be downloading my copy in a minute. Obviously you'll need a broadband connection or faster to download this as it's over 350MB!

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well i just went to download it again, this time the form actually submits but I get this error

 Thank you Chris, for your interest in the Rockstar Classics Free Download Series.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing a high volume of downloads now and your information has not be collected.

Please try back another time.

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