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  1. Click here for true crime 2 trailer ^the first trailor of it. I know that TC sucked but the new one seems to have better potential. They of course have a new cop that seems more aggressive than the last one. It was just a cut scene not actual gameplay but I cant say anything about it untill I actually see gameplay. Its said that your be a new charactor called marcus and it will set in New York and it will be released November 2005.
  2. I'll think your find MR Smart Ass that his name is claude speed in gta2 and rockstar said that the same charactor as gta3.
  3. Because his name is Claude speed and it was his name is in gta2 and gta3
  4. Correct but Please don't bump old topics though
  5. Yeah your right but i know some people hated that in vc
  6. There is a mod to get high and drunk and smoke too here it is Click ME
  7. PSM Playstaion Magazine, has reported that no swimming is availiable (that means you drowned like in GTA3 or Vice City and no interior enviroments. Thoughts?
  8. Your gonna get a warning i think ok here we go which burned your Money and pants.
  9. I agree with you there I also hated that you couldn't swim and the missions were too easy. The story line wasn't that good either and i prefered gta3.
  10. Try the iripper Click here for iripper
  11. I don't care because im 18 anyway most shops sell the games to under 18 anyway
  12. MaxPayne

    IPB 2.1

    He isn't he would of got picked up by ip
  13. Some people don't have a reliable host you know VH are reliable now.
  14. MaxPayne

    IPB 2.1

    I liked nick kang he was part of these forums and he used to be a good member. I don't think he meant to to what he did, i think chris should un ban him.
  15. MaxPayne

    IPB 2.1

    No i just saying i hope its backed up because nick kang an hacker
  16. Got a small site or small forum come here for Free hosting Click Here For Free Hosting
  17. MaxPayne

    IPB 2.1

    Well i hope you got the test forum backed up
  18. 1. Go to the VCN building's helipad. The VCN Maverick helicopter is parked there. The VCN building on the west island, downtown area. It is on the north side of North Bridge (the bridge that leads to Prawn Island). At ground level, the building has a large logo reading "EIGHT TEN VCN" and an open door slightly to the east. This door leads to the roof, where you can climb up the ramp to the helipad. You can also reach the helipad by taking any other helicopter and landing there. 2. On the helipad, go to the north west corner of the pad and face west. You can see an apartment block with lots of windows. Ttake a running jump at the nearest set of windows. You will unnaturally go through the windows. 3. Keep walking forward. Eventually, the camera will come into the room with you and you will see you are in a plain room with barren walls, a blue floor and a white plinth in the centre. On the plinth is a large chocolate egg with the words "Happy Easter" written on in icing easter.bmp
  19. It was fun seeing how long you could fly it i flew it for 350 seconds once
  20. They used the same engine as gta3 and gtavc. There making a new engine for the gta4 as we speak
  21. I've registered and verified it by e-mail
  22. From GTAGaming PlayStation3 has *just* been unveiled by Sony at their pre-E3 press conference. The machine, which features a convex design not dissimilar to a refridgerator door, has been billed as "twice as powerful as Xbox 360" by Sony. PlayStation 3 Technical Info 3.2Ghz "Cell" Processor 550Mhz "RSX" Graphical Processing Unit 256MB XDR Main RAM @3.2GHz 256MB GDDR3 VRAM @700MHz Detatchable 2.5" Hard Disk Slot In terms of software, Rockstar have confirmed that a Grand Theft Auto title will be released excusively for PlayStation 3. Whether this means it will never appear on Xbox 360/PC is still a mystery. No imagery was released from the game.
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