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Merry Christmas!

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The GTA Place would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, and we hope you are all enjoying the festive season. Hopefully you all got what you wished for, we welcome you to wish others a happy Christmas in this thread.

2004 has been a great year for the GTA series, with the release of San Andreas on the Playstation 2, and GTA Advance for Gameboy Advance. It was great bringing you all the latest news and screenshots.

Looking to the future, the year 2005 will surely be a great year too, we will have the release of San Andreas on Xbox and PC. Which will be awesome with all the mod makers creating some great stuff for the game.

Thank you for all your support over the last year, it's been fantastic, this will probably be one of the last posts this year. We hope we can provide you with all the latest news much faster throughout 2005.

Thank you!

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w00t! I get my TV Tuner card tomorrow!

This year kinda sucked besides in the gaming industry. I'm glad it's almost over!

Merry Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza/All those other good holidays, and a happy New Year from your Friendly Neighborhood Spaz,

-Spasmodically_Insane :w00t::lolbounce:

Update: Well, here I am, about 6:21 a.m., Christmas morning, tired as hell.

I haved barely a couple hours of sleep, and at 6, I decided to just stay up. I couldn't go to sleep for shit. And on top of that half of my right arm was completly numb, and it wasn't feeling too good anytime I moved it.

So far, Christmas is shitty, atleast I have the food too look forward too.

Edited by Spasmodically_Insane

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