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Spaz The Great


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Best graphics((made)):

Best graphics((wearing)):

Most active:

Best topic made:

Funniest post made:

Most Posts::((even though that would go too me ;) ))

Best overall member:

I can think up a few more, but not right now. I want more then that. I really like this idea.

More, haha.

Most Helpful:

Most contributed:

Most dedicated:

Just thought of those few right after clicking "Submit post". :thumbsup:

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no actually Im gonna decide who will get awards, someone can make little badges if they want (yeah i said badges not badgers :rolleyes: )

probably end up handing them out willy-nilly since you guys came up with some novelty ones like biggest dickhead award (wtf) well we all know who that is dont we? ;)

so heres a list so far with some of my guesses of winners, will probably change:

Best graphics made: Spaz? Who else makes graphics here

Best graphics wearing:

Most active: smartboy4 (not sure but hes been with us since the start)

Best topic made: Awesome Women Thread?

Funniest post made: how the hell we gonna find this?

Best overall member:

Most Helpful:

Biggest contributer:

Most dedicated: Me (im here every day)

Best moderator: I will look to see whos done the most stuff

Hottest girl: kokane

Hottest body: kokane

Best member to fornicate with: kokane

Best head giver: kokane

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I make graphics...

Yep, when it comes to graphics, I have a fellow member here.

Kokane gets some.... non-forumish awards! :lol:;)

oh yeah sorry mvi forgot you, oh yeah kokane, yeah shit i was just thinking them i didnt actually mean to post that. ^_^

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